Cal Forestry Song:

Tune: Tavern in the Town Words: Metcalf & Allen 1932

I came to Berkeley by the Bay - by the Bay,
For I was tired making hay - making hay,
A "Doc" or "Law" I don't intend to be,
I'm going to study Forestry.

I can cruise pine timber neatly, make a working plan completely,
And the art of grading lumber is not strange to me
I know diseases of the pines - of the pines;
I'm good at running compass lines - compass lines.
And the names of trees will never bother me,
For I have studied Forestry.

I went to Califorest Camp - forest camp,
And cruised in timber dark and damp - dark and damp,
Found Section comers in the Chaparral;
Each week I had a different gal.

I can classify the xylem, place each insect in its phylum,
And the different kinds of fires I can fight with glee
I know the grazing animules - animules,
The saw and axe and other tools - other tools,
And with different woods you cannot fool me,
For I have studied Forestry.

One day I met a lumber jack - lumber jack,
He up and slaps me on the back - on the back, .
And says, "Young man, if you want to wear my pants,
You'll have to get experience."

Logging methods I will master, fight erosion's dire disaster,
Know improvement of the watersheds from A to z.
I'll utilize each pine and fir - pine and fir,
Then grow some others where they were, where they were,
And at research work a whizz I'm going to be,
For I have studied Forestry.

Led by Cal Forester Al Stangenberger