Alastair doing serious research
I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and have lived there for most of my life. I remain very Australian with visits every year to visit my special family and to cycle or hike in my favourite landscapes. Originally, I trained at the University of Melbourne to become an environmental and human rights lawyer. I worked for one and half years in the environmental law group at one of Australia’s largest law firms, Malleson Stephen Jacques. In this job, I first learned about sustainability issues in industry and the challenges of changing factory processes that have inspired my long-running interest in industry and environment.

Abandoning the corporate life, I decided to venture to Harvard Law School for a Master of Law degree in human rights and soon found myself deviating to sample a modern dance class along with the environmental public policy world at the Kennedy School of Government. At Harvard, with Professors Sheila Jasanoff and Todd Rakoff as inspiring mentors, I completed a doctoral dissertation on social learning in environmental regulation, using pollution prevention in the chemical industry in Britain and the United States as a cross-national comparative case study. I also participated in Sheila Jasanoff's Program on Science and Technology Studies at the Kennedy School.

Subsequently, I moved to Berkeley for the Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellowship. This move allowed me to resume my hiking and cycling explorations. The Energy & Resources Group provided a wonderful intellectual home for several years. With Professor Gene Rochlin's encouragement, I did extensive postdoctoral training in environmental science and technology studies. I was awarded the NSF STS Postdoctoral Fellowship to investigate green chemistry science and policies, and then a MacArthur Foundation research and writing grant to study energy justice in Australia.

My off-campus interests include hiking, biking, watching modern dance and foreign films, making ceramic sculptures and cooking gourmet feasts in the sustainable food milieu of the Bay Area. Here is a link to some pictures of my ceramic sculptures.