Recent Publications

Below are some recent publications from Kremen Lab:

  1. Diversification Practices Reduce Organic to Conventional Yield Gap

    Lauren C. Ponisio, Leithen K. M’Gonigle, Kevi C. Mace, Jenny Palomino, Perry de Valpine, and Claire Kremen.

    2015. Proc. R. Soc. B 282: 20141396

  2. Interacting effects of pollination, water, and nutrients on fruit tree performance.

    Klein, A-M., S. D. Hendrix, Y. Clough, A. Scofield, and C. Kremen.

    2014. In press. Plant Biology

  3. From research to action: enhancing crop yield through wild pollinators. Frontiers in Ecology

    Garibaldi, L. A., Carvalheiro, L. G., Leonhardt, S. D., Aizen, M. A., Blaauw, B. R., Isaacs, R., Kuhlmann, M., Kleijn, D., Klein, A. M., Kremen, C., Morandin, L., Scheper, J. and Winfree, R.

    2014. Frontiers in Ecology, 12(8): 439-447

  4. Neotropical agriculture reduces phylogenetic diversity and favors closely related birds

    Frishkoff, L. O., Karp, D. S., M’Gonigle, L. K., Mendenhall, C. D., Zook, J., Kremen, C., Hadly, E. A., and Daily, G. C.

    2014. Science, 345(6202): 1343-1346

  5. Pollinator Interactions with Yellow Starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) across Urban, Agricultural, and Natural Landscapes

    M. Leong, C. Kremen, and G.K. Roderick.

    2014. PLoS One, 9: e86357

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