Recent Publications

Below are some recent publications from Kremen Lab:

  1. Neotropical agriculture reduces phylogenetic diversity and favors closely related birds

    Frishkoff, L. O., Karp, D. S., M’Gonigle, L. K., Mendenhall, C. D., Zook, J., Kremen, C., Hadly, E. A., and Daily, G. C.

    2014. Science, 345(6202): 1343-1346

  2. Species abundance, not diet breadth, drives the persistence of the most linked pollinators as plant-pollinator networks disassemble

    Winfree, R., N.M. Williams, J. Dushoff and C. Kremen.

    2014. American Naturalist, 183: 600-611.

  3. Competitive impacts of an invasive nectar thief on plant-pollinator mutualisms

    Hanna, C., D. Foote and C. Kremen

    2014, Ecology, 95(6): 1622-1632

  4. Evaluating nesting microhabitat for ground-nesting bees using emergence traps

    Sardinas, H. S., C. Kremen

    2014. Basic and Applied Ecology, 181: 206-212

  5. Pollinator Interactions with Yellow Starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) across Urban, Agricultural, and Natural Landscapes

    M. Leong, C. Kremen, and G.K. Roderick.

    2014. PLoS One, 9: e86357

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