Recent Publications

Below are some recent publications from Kremen Lab:

  1. On-farm habitat restoration counters biotic homogenization in intensively managed agriculture

    Lauren C. Ponisio, Leithen K. M’Gonigle, and Claire Kremen

  2. Comanaging fresh produce for nature conservation and food safety

    Karp, D.S., Gennet, S., Kilonzo, C., Partyka, M., Chaumont, N., Atwill, E.R. & Kremen, C.

    2015. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences.

  3. Reframing the land-sparing/land-sharing debate for biodiversity conservation

    C. Kremen

    2015. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Online Version.

  4. Functional traits in agriculture: agrobiodiversity and ecosystem services

    Stephen A. Wood, Daniel S. Karp, Fabrice DeClerck, Claire Kremen, Shahid Naeem, and Cheryl A. Palm.

    2015. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. Online Only.

  5. Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservation

    Kleijn, D et al.

    2015. Nature Communications, 6: 7404-7422

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