Alex's page

Exotic/Invasive Plants
I am broadly interested in the pollination biology of invasive plants and what limits and controls their spread through environments. I am also interested in the differences between plants in their home ranges and in their invasive range. I have previously conducted experiments comparing native and exotic plant pollen limitation. I am currently working on a project that will investigate how native bees use non-native plants.

Native Bee Conservation and Resource Use
Native bees are becoming increasingly important in agricultural systems as honeybee populations continue to decline. I am currently researching things about the natural ecology of native bees (specifically Bombus) to help with conservation efforts and attracting bees to agricultural lands. I am also using microsatellite markers to identify the natural foraging range, nesting density and allelic distribution of Bombus species.

Plant Ecology and Population Dynamics
As part of my dissertation I will look at the differences and similarities between native and exotic species of plants that are used by Bombus species. This will include quantifying the morphological characteristics as well as seed and nectar quantities.