Amber's Page

I am primarily interested in defining the importance of pollinator diversity and effectiveness forreproductive success of plants, particularly in agroecosystems. I am also interested in the role of regional and local land management practices that shape pollinator communities and the servicesthey provide. My current research examines how landscape diversity interacts with crop diversity(local scale) to support native pollinator communities and in turn, how pollinator diversity affects
crop production. I am using organic strawberry production in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties as ameasure of pollinator services.

My background lies in pollination biology with an emphasis on the evolution of self-pollination. During my PhD at Lincoln University in New Zealand, I took a very detailed approach to understand floral mechanisms that facilitate the selfing process in pollinator-limited, carnivorous sundews(Drosera). I am using a similar approach to understand the role of selfing in strawberry fruit production,which will allow me to better define pollinator importance and effectiveness. The overall aim of myresearch interests is to offer farmers/policy makers additional land management practices that aresustainable as well as practical to implement.