Brian's page

I am a phd student in the Department of Agricultural and Resource economics. I work with Claire Kremen on the economics of ecosystem services, particularly focusing on the management of landscapes for pollination by native bees.

Having devoted my studies in the ARE department learning economics, math and dynamic optimization, I endeavor to apply these tools to environmental issues in the "real world". My main concerns are with regards to the long-term sustainable management of natural ecosystems. Ecosystem services, as an idea and framework for managing the balance of economic and environmental pressures, is, I believe, a crucial component towards this end.

Our work focuses on modeling and estimating the spatial patterns of pollination services, and how these in turn influence land management decisions. In addition, I am interested in the changing structure of the honey bee industry, and how increasing demand for pollination is linked with problems of supply, like with recent disease outbreaks.

When I am not being token economist in Claire's lab, I can be found writing chalkboards full of math in Giannini Hall, tossing frisbee or playing soccer on Berkeley's bountiful greeneries, or hitting the backcountry with a tent or a snowboard.