Max Moritz

Contact Information

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
Division of Ecosystem Sciences
130 Mulford Hall, #3114
Berkeley, CA 94720
phone: 510.642.7329
email: mmoritz[at]

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Much of my research is focused on understanding the dynamics of fire regimes at relatively broad scales and using this information in ecosystem management. I have employed quantitative analyses of fire history, examining the relative importance of different mechanisms that drive fire patterns on the landscape. I am also interested in simulation of fire dynamics, using spatially-explicit models of fire spread and vegetation regrowth.


Ph.D. in Spatial Ecology Research Training Grant Program
U.C. Santa Barbara, Geography Department, 1999
"Controls on Disturbance Regime Dynamics: Fire in Los Padres National Forest"

M.A. in Energy and Environmental Studies
Boston University, 1993

B.A. in Management Science, minor in Computer Science
U.C. San Diego, 1987