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A picture of Max Moritz

Dr. Max Moritz



Lab Head

Research Interest:

Understanding the dynamics of fire regimes at relatively broad scales and using this information in ecosystem management. Quantitative analyses of fire history and simulation of fire dynamics.

Graduate Students

A picture of Eric Waller

Eric Waller

Eric Waller



Ph.D. student

Research Interest:

Plant Biogeography, Fire Ecology.

A picture of Erica Newman

Erica Newman



Ph.D. student co-supervised by John Harte

Research Interest:

Broadly interested in biodiversity, and more specifically focused on how invasive species and changing climate are altering fire regimes.

A picture of Alison

Alison Forrestel


Ph.D. student co-supervised by Scott Stephens

Research Interest:

The role of fire in driving landscape scale vegetation patterns. Fire history and ecology of subalpine forests in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.


A picture of Enric

Enric Batllori Presas



Post-doctoral Researcher

Research Interest:

Ecosystem responses to disturbance under global change scenarios and its potential effects on landscape structure at several spatial and temporal scales.

Colleagues of Yore

  • Meg Krawchuk. Post-doctoral fellow. Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Marc-Andre Parisien. Ph.D./post-doctoral fellow. Now back at Canadian Forest Service in Alberta, Canada.
  • Tadashi Moody. Research Associate. Now working with the Spatial Informatics Group in Pasadena, California.
  • Ana Barros. Visiting Ph.D.
  • Tina Bell. Visiting Fullbright Scholar.
  • Blanca Cespedes. Visiting Ph.D.
  • Duarte Oom. Visiting Ph.D.
  • Nicolas Venet. Visiting M.Sc.
  • Francois-Nicolas Robinne. Visiting M.Sc.