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  • Wanda Cea

    Wanda Cea

    I first became involved with the Silver Lab as a volunteer during my senior year as an Environmental Engineering Science undergraduate at UC Berkeley. After graduating in December, 2008 I formally joined the lab as a technician, working specifically on the Marin Carbon Project, a research project that’s exploring better land management techniques as a […]

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  • Maya Almaraz

    Maya Almaraz

    I began work this summer as a laboratory assistant with the Silver lab.  In the past I have worked on projects looking at the effects of rice rats on seed dispersal in Belize, the effects of grazing on native grassland vegetation and the endangered Smith’s blue butterfly in Carmel, and have also been involved with […]

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  • Andrew McDowell

    Andrew McDowell

    I joined the lab in 2009, and I’m the lab manager for the Silver group. If you have any questions about the instruments we use (Elemental Analyzer, Lachat, Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer), I’m the person to talk to. Before joining the Silver lab, I spent four years at an analytical chemistry lab, where I ran […]

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