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  • Katie Clabeaux

    Katie Clabeaux

    I am a third-year undergraduate working on a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Global Poverty and Practice.  I was introduced to the Silver Lab in the fall of 2010 through Becca Ryals.  Since then, I have volunteered for her project.  After college, I hope to pursue a career teaching high school science. […]

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  • Katie Graves

    Katie Graves

    I am going into my junior year at the University of Southern California with an Environmental Studies Major and Marketing Minor. As a volunteer in the Silver Lab this summer, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge of carbon sequestration and its potential to help reduce the impact of climate change.  Participating in a month […]

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  • Alumni


    Maya Almaraz | Wanda Cea | Noemi Chacon | Wendy Chou | Daniela Cusack | Delphine Farmer  | Daniel Keck | Dan Liptzin |  Erika Marin-Spiotta |  Bill G. McDowell |  Megan McGroddy | Becky Ostertag | Rima Shamieh |  Katherine Smetak |  Yit Arn Teh | Pamela Templer | Andy Thompson | Bibit Halliday Traut […]

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  • Gary Gao

    Gary Gao

    I am an undergraduate in Environmental Sciences Class of 2012 from UC Berkeley. My main area of focus is in the biology of natural ecosystem cycles, and I have broadened my area by also minoring in Sustainable Design. I joined the Silver lab in May of 2011, and have helped out with the Marin Carbon […]

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  • Taichi Natake

    Taichi Natake

    I am an undergraduate Environmental Science major at UC Berkeley, and my main areas of interest are wildlife and ecosystem ecology. I recently did an independent research project with Dr. Reginald Barrett on the golden eagle behavior pattern using camera traps, and am currently working on data analysis for this project. Furthermore, during this past semester, I took an ecosystem ecology […]

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  • Allegra Mayer

    Allegra Mayer

    I am currently enjoying my time as a volunteer for the Marin Carbon Project. I am in the Northwestern University class of 2013, double majoring in Integrated Science and Environmental Science. The research I am being exposed to in the Silver Lab is a great supplement to the project I am currently working on in […]

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  • Kasturi Sengupta

    Kasturi Sengupta

    I am an undergraduate English major and Conservation and Resource Studies minor at U.C. Berkeley. I am very passionate about environmental issues and anticipate going into environmental law in the future. I have always wanted to work in a lab and, while I feel extremely lucky to be able to work here, I fear it […]

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  • Marcia DeLonge

    Marcia DeLonge

    I joined the Silver Lab as a post-doctoral scholar in June 2010, after completing my PhD at the University of Virginia. I am broadly interested in applying field measurements and numerical models to understand the influences of surface cover and land management on atmospheric processes.  I have an interdisciplinary background emphasizing atmospheric science, hydrology, and biogeochemistry. […]

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  • Logan Curtis-Whitchurch

    Logan Curtis-Whitchurch

    I joined the Silver Lab as a freshman at Cal in November of 2009 as an undergraduate assistant. I am entering my junior year as a declared Integrative Biology major with a focus in Human Genetics and a minor in Classics, Latin. I am interested in potentially switching my major and pursuing a degree in […]

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  • Evan Portier

    Evan Portier

    I am currently a U.C. Berkeley undergraduate carrying out a research project involving nitrogen cycling in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta. I am specifically seeking to understand the effects of a pervasive exotic plant, Lepidium latifolium, on nitrogen cycling in this region. I’ve been a member of the lab for about one year and have learned […]

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