Katie Graves

I am going into my junior year at the University of Southern California with an Environmental Studies Major and Marketing Minor. As a volunteer in the Silver Lab this summer, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge of carbon sequestration and its potential to help reduce the impact of climate change.  Participating in a month long wilderness survival and conservation program sparked my passion for environmental management.  I am a member of Volunteer Latin America, a student run organization that is involved in conservation and analog forestry.  By returning to Costa Rica this year, I will continue our efforts of protecting the fragile rainforest ecosystems.  I hope to share my knowledge, strong work ethic and communication skills through community partnerships in support of global education of sustainable lifestyles and environmental awareness.  I am so grateful to have met and learned from such extraordinary people in the Silver Lab.  I enjoy hiking, biking, drawing and painting, and look forward to spending more time with this incredible team of dedicated researchers!

Contact: kegraves@usc.edu