College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

The CNR Advisory Board

Gail Hoffman

Gail Hoffman is President of The Hoffman Group, a public affairs firm she founded in 1995. Previously she was Vice President for Strategic Initiatives for U.S. Newswire, a media services company, in June 2005. In the Clinton Administration, she served in the office of the Deputy White House Chief of Staff, on Attorney General Janet Reno’s confirmation team, was Special Assistant to the Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, and then Director of DOJ’s Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs. Hoffman was Director of Surrogates in the communications nerve center of John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential Campaign. She co-chaired the 1992 Clinton Campaign Crime and Drug Policy Task Force, and served on the Presidential Transition Team. Hoffman also worked in state government and for nonprofit organizations. She led the successful legislative campaigns to pass the Brady Bill and assault weapons ban, as Legislative Director of Handgun Control, Inc. from 1987-1992.

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