College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

The CNR Advisory Board

Mission Statement

Although the Board’s role is advisory, it is a working, not an ornamental body. Its critiques, counsel, and support are of great value to the Dean and the College.

The Board will work through committees (both standing and ad hoc) and as a whole and will take an active role in a number of areas of major concern to the College.

About the Current Board

CNR Advisory Board Member Profiles

The CNR Advisory Board is comprised of 23 members from various professional fields serving 3-year terms.

Executive Committee

Chairman: John Scharffenberger '73

Vice Chairman: Stephen L. Hurst, JD '78

ExComm Members:

  • Richard Beahrs '68
  • Michael Colvin '05, '07
  • Russ Forsburg '78
  • Kass Green '74
  • Steve Hurst '78
  • Carrie Maser '87
  • Roger Samuelsen '58
  • David Warner '76

Board Governance

Co-Chair: Kass Green '74


Co-Chair: Michael Colvin '05, '07
Co-Chair: Russ Forsburg '78


Co-Chair: Richard Beahrs '68
Co-Chair: Carrie Maser '87

Facilities/Program/Space Committee

Co-Chair: Steve Hurst, JD '78
Co-Chair: David Warner '76