College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

The CNR Alumni Association Board Emeriti

Thomas K. Larsen, Former Chair Communications

Conservation of Natural Resources '81

President, co-Founder at GreenSmart. Co-Founded in 1995 with my wife Debbie Williams a company to make bags. Evolution has transformed that through a broad range of market opportunities and core philosophical and mission driven awareness to the current GreenSmart, making bags out of eco-friendly materials, using an eco-conscious and socially responsible global supply chain.

I've been in consumer products for 20+ years, all in management from product development to supply chain integrity to sales and marketing in one form or another. Over that span, our brands, through my direction and participation have attended over 75 trade shows, developed sales and sourcing relationships globally and sold millions of dollars of products through small and national retail outlets.

As a part of this development, I've lead the efforts to create infrastructural and operational consistency, over the last 10 years layering in an integration of technology advancement to internal and external communication efforts.

Prior to my consumer products pursuit, I spent 6 years in the at the time fledgling energy management industry in both technical sales roles and as an entrepreneur starting my own company to address the needs of the day.

Invited to be a part of the College of Natural Resources Alumni Association steering committee, eventually serving as a charter member of the Board I worked to create.

Served as President of the Gold Country Chapter of the California Alumni Association, reenergizing the only college alumni association in the area. This effort is highlighted by the ongoing Outreach work being done in the local high schools assisting college bound seniors with their college application essays.

Served as President of the Nevada County Concert Band, during which time we achieved financial and organizational stability. The Band since has grown, both financially and in membership. This effort is highlighted by the Summer Invitational, begun in 2004, an event that now draws 100 musicians to Nevada County.

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