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Web and IT Support at CNR

About CNR Web/IT

The CNR Web/IT staff members are committed to fast, reliable, friendly support for workstation and web issues for the CNR community.

Web or IT?

Web support covers design and maintenance of publicly available websites – anything you can access with your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla are the most common browsers). Websites are folders that live on a server. A server is a computer that is never turned off. Some folders on the server are configured to be available to anyone who wants to see their contents, which are documents created especially to be viewed with a browser. All websites are just a series of related documents marked up with special tags that allow them to link to each other and display in the browser as “webpages.” Common web documents include HTML, PHP, and ASP. Other documents can be hosted on a website, such as a PDF.

IT support covers all other issues of computing, everything from making sure all your hardware works to configuring the software on your computer to work correctly. Hardware means any physical piece of equipment: computer, monitor, speakers, printers, external hard drives, or anything else you plug into the computer. Software is a set of instructions that tell the computer what to do. Microsoft Word, Mozilla Firefox, and CalAgenda are examples of software programs.

Staff Directory

Campus Shared Services (CSS) - Information Technology
(510) 664-9000,

Gary Casterline, Computer Resource Manager
42 Giannini # 3100, 642-5583,

Joe Bunik, Web Manager
33 Giannini # 3100, 642-0975,


CNR does not support email services. All faculty, staff, and graduate students are requested to sign up for an email account with CalMail, and acquire an address.

CNR IT staff can help you configure your computer's software to work with your CalMail account. Please submit a help ticket to for assistance.

Email Lists

CNR IT staff administers a large number of email lists for faculty, staff, and students. Please see Email Lists for an explanation of the structure.

CNR IT staff populates these lists with guidance from departmental MSOs. If you are missing from a list, please submit a help ticket to for assistance./p>