College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Freshman Applicants

Selecting a Major

At CNR you can save the world and see it at the same time!

When you apply to UC Berkeley you will be required to select a college in which to enroll, and you may also indicate a major at that time.

You are encouraged to apply directly to a major, but if you need time to decide which of our ten majors is best for you, you may also select the College of Natural Resources' undeclared option.

The benefit of applying directly to one of our majors is that if you are admitted and accept the offer of admission, you will start your first semester under the department you wish to graduate in. Declaring your major will not however give you any special advantage as all students who apply to CNR will be evaluated based on their application and not the particular major they selected.

You can change to a different major within the college relatively easily after you complete your first semester. Changing to a different major outside of CNR takes a bit more work as each of the colleges and majors have different requirements that you need to fulfill. Thus, it is important that you apply to the college in which you believe you will eventually declare a major.

Please review our undergraduate majors to decide which of our programs is right for you.

Admissions Procedures

Undergraduate admission is directed by Cal's Office of Undergraduate Admissions based on campus-wide admission criteria. The College of Natural Resources itself does not review the files for freshman admission.

For the best guidance on Berkeley Admissions please review this information carefully: