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The Betty and Isaac Barshad Endowed Chair in Soil Science

Supports a faculty chair in soils science.
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The Berkeley Fund for Natural Resources

Provides critical support for Dean's priorities such as undergraduate research.
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The Doris Howes Calloway Chair in Human Nutrition

Supports human nutrition programs at CNR.
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The Fred E. Dickinson Chair in Wood Science and Technology

Supports a faculty chair in Wood Science and Technology.
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The Maxine J. Elliot Chair II

Supports two faculty chairs at UC Berkeley.
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The Genome Commons Fund

Supports the Genome Commons and genome interpretation research.
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The George R. and Wilhelmina M. Goertz Distinguished Professorship Chair for Wildlife Management

Supports a faculty chair in wildlife management at CNR.
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The Thomas J. Graff Chair in the College of Natural Resources

Supports a faculty member researching water policy and economics.
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The Rudy Grah Chair in Forestry & Sustainable Development

Supports a faculty chair in agroforestry.
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The S.J. Hall Chair in Forest Economics

Supports a faculty chair in forest economics.
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The Hildebrand-Laumeister Chair in Plant Pathology

Supports a faculty chair in plant pathology.
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The William Muriece Hoskins Chair in Chemical and Molecular Entomology

Supports a chair in the in chemical and molecular biology of insects, ticks, and mites.
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The A. Starker Leopold Chair in Wildlife Biology

Supports a faculty chair in wildlife biology.
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The A. Starker Leopold Wildlife Fisheries Research Fund

Supports wildlife and fisheries research at CNR.
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The George W. & Elsie M. Robinson Chair in Food and Agricultural Resource Economics

Supports a faculty member in ARE whose work focuses on problems of the future agricultural resource base and world food production and distribution.
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The Russell L. Rustici Chair in Rangeland Management

Supports a faculty chair at CNR, focusing on the productive use of rangelands, specifically for the domestic livestock industry.
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The William M. and Esther G. Schlinger Chair in Systematic Entomology

Supports a faculty chair for research on insects, spiders, and mites.
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The Robert G. Sproul Class of 1934 Chair in Agricultural Economics

Supports a chair in Agricultural Economics.
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The Henry J. Vaux Distinguished Professorship in Forest Policy

Supports programming in forestry and conservation, with an emphasis on the interactions between human society and the natural environment.
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The Shibo Zhang Memorial Fund

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