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A selection of photos of presenters and their projects from the Fall 2007 Honors Symposium.

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-Eric Meux, Environmental Economics & Policy, "Water Poverty, Health, and Economic Development;" his mentor is Professor David Roland-Holst
-Eric Meux at the conclusion of the program
-Leonora Bittleston at the conclusion of the program

-Leonora Bittleston with mentor Professor Rodrigo Almeida (pictured)
-Leonora Bittleston, Molecular Environmental Biology, "Life Inside a Bug: The Pathogenic Bacterium BEV and its Leafhopper Host;" her mentor is Professor Rodrigo Almeida
-Kavita Rangan, Winner of the Melis Medal for Best Honors Research

-Kavita Rangan, Microbial Biology, "Characterization of a Baculovirus Gene Involved in Nuclear Localization of Actin." Her mentors are Professors Matthew Welch & Loy Volkman
-Kavita Rangan with her proud mother, Jayashri Rangan
-Kavita Rangan and her supporters

-Amy Lin with mentor John Casida
-Amy Lin, Molecular Environmental Biology. "Recombinant Neuropathy Target Esterase Protects Cells from Lysophosphatidylcholine-Induced Cytotoxicity." Her mentor is Professor John Casida
-Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez with his mother
Victor Rodriguez, Molecular Toxicology, "Expression of Estrogen Receptor-Alpha in Mammary Epithelial Cells of Transgenic Mice Overexpressing Unactivated C-Neu and Its Relationship to Onset of Cellular Senescence and Tumorigenesis." His mentors are Dr. G. Shyamala & Professor Leonard Bjeldanes
-Aimee Sprague

-Aimee Sprague, Conservation Resource Studies, "Evaluating the Role of Climate in Tree Growth in a Sierran Conifer Forest." Her mentor is Professor John Battles
-Grayson Vincent, Environmental Economics & Policy, "Impact of Water Transfer between the Imperial Irrigation District and San Diego County Water Authority on Migrant Labor." Her mentor is Professor David Sunding
-Grayson Vincent

-Jenna Hua, Nutritional Science & Toxicology Dept, Dietetics, "California PLATE- Evaluating New Nutrition Education Curriculum to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Consumption." Her mentor is Professor Pat Crawford
-Jenna Hua
-Jenna Hua