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If you already have a bachelor's degree...

Career Change into Dietetics From a Different Career

Occasionally, a person who holds a degree in another discipline determines that a career change into dietetics is desirable. Unfortunately, most such students cannot be accommodated in the dietetics program at UC Berkeley.

The Nutritional Science major with the dietetics track is under the College of Natural Resources (CNR) at UC Berkeley. CNR is not able to accept second-time Bachelor degree candidates.

Individuals in this situation are advised to look elsewhere for programs that will meet their needs, such as Master's Programs or Certification Programs. Students may need to complete some prerequisite course work to build up their science background. These classes (general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, calculus, physiology, etc.) can mostly be taken at a community college. We highly recommend that students contact the Master's Programs or Certification Programs directly to learn about their requirements. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is a good place to search for programs.

An individual who holds a degree in a closely related field may be able to complete required courses at UC Berkeley in order to earn a Verification Statement from UC Berkeley. This will allow entry into a Supervised Practice Program. Anyone wishing to explore this option should be aware that some courses may not be open to non-degree students. Students wishing to pursue this option for approval should contact the Dietetics Program Director:

Mikelle McCoin, MPH, RD
Director, Dietetics Program
University of California
Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology

223 Morgan Hall
Berkeley, CA, 94720-3104
Phone 510-642-2790

Dietitians from Other Countries Seeking Registration in the US

Dietitians who received their education outside of the US may be eligible for reciprocity with the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Dietitians who do not qualify for reciprocity but wish to become Registered Dietitians in the US may be able to obtain a Verification Statement by completing a minimum of 12 credits at Berkeley.