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Hi! My name is Crystal Kwan and I am a fourth year Dietetics Major. Growing up with a food allergy has given me a personal experience with food. As a result, I learned to change this hindrance into a positive tool for making others more aware of their health. This interest in food has inspired me to become a Registered Dietitian following graduation.

I have enjoyed every aspect of my college experience since coming to Berkeley as a freshman. Every year, I am surrounded with new opportunities to serve my community as well as meet new people. From interacting with dorm residents as a health worker, to volunteering with children, all of these events have helped form my interests, hobbies and career choice.

My journey at Berkeley has had its share of obstacles, but having a reliable community to help me out has been crucial to my success here at Berkeley. The College of Natural Resources has been my source of solid advice, opportunity and community. The college fosters an intimate setting that allows students freely to share ideas and experiences with one another. As a Peer Advising Leader, I hope that sharing my positive experience with others will be another testament to CNR's genuine concern for the student's success and well-being.

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