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Name: Morgan Gooding
Major: Molecular Toxicology
Favorite Classes:

When I first started at Cal, the course rigor and high caliber students intimidated me. As an undeclared student, unsure of a major or a path, I felt lost in a sea of students. I was leaning towards MCB until a friend pointed me in the direction of the NST program at the College of Natural Resources. When I first walked into the advising office and saw that everyone was so friendly and helpful, I knew that I needed to transfer to CNR. I loved the study and lounge space, the printing perks, and that so much information was out on display (like the great student organizations or study abroad opportunities). The transfer into CNR and to a Molecular Toxicology major was easier than I could have ever imagined and it was a relief to have a PAL help me with my four year plan. I found a community within CNR and the small size made it easy to get to know many of my peers. I know all of the MolTox students my year (at least by face), and it is great to know that we are all going through the same academic curriculum together.

I chose Molecular Toxicology as my major because all of the required classes were classes I wanted to take. I also grew up hearing that many consumer product ingredients and chemicals are potentially toxic, endocrine disrupting, and even carcinogenic. I wanted to understand the science and learn how to interpret the studies. I wanted to know if the parabens in my shampoo really could disrupt my endocrine system - and now this is what we are studying in NST 171!

I have found my place on this huge campus, and as a PAL, I hope to help others find their place - by exploring the many academic, extracurricular, and social opportunities at Cal.

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