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Name: Andrew Udeshi
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP)
Minor: Global Poverty and Practice (GPP)
Favorite classes: Public Policy C103 (Wealth and Poverty with Robert Reich), GPP 115 (Urbanization in Developing Countries with Ananya Roy)

What I love about CNR: CNR's close-knit, diverse, vibrant community is unlike any other college on campus. The dedicated, passionate advisors and academic staff not only serve as an excellent sounding board, but are also always approachable and more than willing to help you out.

Interests/Activities: Watching and playing sports (soccer, golf, basketball, cricket), running, yoga, listening to music, foreign travel.

Hi! I'm Andrew Udeshi and I'm a senior majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy and minoring in Global Poverty and Practice. I grew up as an expat in Colombo, Sri Lanka and went to a small international school (my graduating class of 38 students, represented 19 different countries). My entire school had only 400 students (K through 12), and thus, at first, I found the sheer size of UC Berkeley to be quite overwhelming. Walking into Wheeler auditorium for a class of 800 was possibly the most intimidating experience, as this was double my entire school! CNR provided me with a smaller community that I was much more comfortable in and allowed me to immerse myself in an environment that fostered my interests and passions.

I came into Cal undeclared in L&S and was not entirely sure what I wanted to major in. I was always interested in development with poverty alleviation schemes, economics and certain aspects about the environment, such as sustainability. I took a variety of classes in many different departments and found myself drawn to the mixture of economic and environmental courses - EEP allowed me to combine these interests perfectly. We focus on the impact of economic institutions on development and natural resources, examining the link between limited commodities and economic theories and the in-depth policy-side to environmental issues.

Outside of the classroom, I am a die-hard sports fan, both watching and playing them, particularly soccer (a loyal Liverpool FC supporter and intramurals). I love to travel around the world, to experience and explore unique cultures through their history, food, music and lifestyle. Berkeley offers a multitude of restaurants of basically every cuisine, and I enjoy trying out new food.

My aim as a peer advisor is to make it easy for students to come in and ask for help. I am approachable and willing to answer all their questions when they have doubts of what classes to take, coordinating major and minor requirements and other topics. I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and hopefully helping you out in anyway I can.

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