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My name is Gina Lopez, third-year Forestry and Natural Resources major. If it were not for the College of Natural Resources, I don't think I would have bothered applying to this #1 public institution for higher education.

CNR has so many opportunities and I have taken advantage of many of them since I came here as a freshman. During my freshman and sophomore years, I participated in the Global Environment Theme House Program. This program fostered a sense of community in the Foothill residence halls. We went on excursions and learned about world envronmental issues.

As a sophomre I applied to the Undergraduatae Research Opportunity Program (now the Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research program), which gave me funding to pursue my research in California state forest policy and management. I continue that research today through ESPM 199 Independent Studies and Research.

One student group that I am particularly involved in is the Cal Forestry Club. Through this club, I've done so many exciting professional-like things. I've been to Society of American Foresteres meetings in the Bay Area, Reno, Texas, and next year I'll be going to Oregon. I've met so many fascinating people, many of whom are Cal Forestry alumni. Every year we have Alumni Banquets and Forestry Camp reunions. The club is always having some fun social events too. Besides all these extracurricular activities, the classes within the college and the professors who teach them are phenomenal.

I am ambitionus and I take pride in being a part of CNR, as you can see by my active involvement. That is one reason why I am a peer advisor. I really enjoy helping students follow their passions. I also just like browsing through the Berkeley catalog of classes. From the PAL program I hope to memorize and understand all the rules and regulations that guide the college and your majors. I'll be a better resource than the cache button on Google!

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