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Hello! I am Tim Seo, a senior double majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology and Conservation & Resource Studies. My all time favorite super hero is Superman.

Through much help, effort, and luck, my goal of becoming a great student has been achieved. Thus, CNR has been priceless. For example, my senior thesis work in Professor Resh's Aquatic Ecology Lab involves research studying the life trajectory of a species of fish fly. I have received unlimited support from the Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research Program as well as top-notch graduate students in the lab. These experiences have helped me develop an analytically creative mind geared towards solving complex problems. I have also learned to apply my problem-solving skills to identify new research questions and design study models to answer them.

As a transfer student, I would generously apply the skills, experiences and institutional knowledge I have attained at Berkeley to help students, especially transfers, minimize mistakes and take advantage of the wealth resources available to them.

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