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Favorite Classes: PMB 103 Bacterial Pathogenesis, PMB 120 Algae (The lab for this class is really great too!) PMB 148 Microbial Genetics and Genomics (Its a requirement, but still very interesting) Anthro 111 Evolution of Brain and Language.

I'm currently in my last year at Cal, and planning on applying to graduate schools for Fall 2010 enrollment! I plan to study infectious disease at a PhD program, but I still have lots I want to do and study as I finish up at Berkeley!

I have been in CNR since I started studying at Cal and I have really appreciated the advising and small size that makes you feel like more than a number. I almost didn't come to Cal, but my mind was changed at the last minute when I participated in the Overnight Stay program through the Alumni Association. If I hadn't gotten to talk to Cal students about their experiences I probably would have gone somewhere else.

I was really interested in going to Cal but also intimidated by Berkeley's reputation of being really hard, and students spending all their time studying, but once I talked to students and found out all the amazing opportunities Cal has to offer, and that there is plenty of time to pursue any number of extracurricular activities I knew Berkley was the place for me.

Being a student at Berkeley is a truly unique and great opportunity, UC Berkeley has cutting edge research going on all over campus, and students are always allowed their opinions on political and social issues. I could not ask for a more exciting and mentally stimulating place to study.

I have had a great time studying at Berkeley and I hope that I can help students find their way through the different programs at CNR, and access all the great resources that CNR has to offer so that their time here can be as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

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