College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Peer Advisor Profiles

Name: Peter Li
Year: Junior
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology (MEB)
Favorite Classes: ESPM 2, ESPM 50AC, PB HLTH 14

What I love about CNR: It is a small college where the assistance is more personal and there are many more opportunities and resources.

I joined the College of Natural Resources because I was always interested in how the sciences were applied and connected to the usage of natural resources. With the classes and majors that were offered by the College of Natural Resources, I have been able to pursue my interest and learn more about how the usage of natural resources affects our world. I believe this knowledge to be very interesting and also very relevant.

I chose to become a PAL because a fellow PAL helped me a lot during my freshman and sophomore year. Because his assistance benefited me greatly, I felt that it was only responsible of me to carry that on and to become a PAL to help other students.

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