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Peer Advisor Profiles

Name: Susie Zhang
Year: 4th
Major: Molecular Toxicology

Hello! My name is Susie and I'm a senior majoring in Molecular Toxicology. I joined the peer advising team in Fall 2012 after transferring to CNR from L&S with the help of a few wise women, PALs to be precise. As the Co-Team Leader for the 2013-14 year, I'd like to return the service to anyone who may have questions on how to navigate their way through college policies, fulfilling biological science major course requirements, and finding research opportunities on and off campus.

In addition to classes, biomedical research has been the focus of my undergraduate career. I began working in a neurobiology lab during my freshman year and after a summer abroad of dissecting and recording from turtle brains, I shifted my interest to cancer biology (turtle brains are all kinds of amazing though). As an intern at Genentech this summer, I tinkered with an enzyme thought to hyper-activate the Wnt signaling pathway and am now studying toxicant resistance in a unique myeloid leukemia cell line for my senior thesis in a public health lab. An indefinite while from now, I hope to be looking grizzlier as a medical student or medical scientist in training.

I am also an inexplicably passionate language learner (Ich mag Kartoffeln), Djokovic supporter, and amateur photographer. Stop by my office hours on Tuesday, 10-12pm if any of the above might be of interest to you!

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