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A selection of photos of presenters and their projects from the Spring 2012 Poster Session.

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Photo Gallery

Andrew Spencley describing his research

Ariel Thomson and students
Audrey Ragsac
Audrey Ragsac and Jessica Tang

Cecilia Ching
Cecilia Ching
Chihiro Hirai enjoying talking about her research

Donna Symon looking at Jessica's poster

Edmond Li
Elyssa Lewis and students

Jason Sreedhar
Karen Chan

Katie Amberg Johnson and Lew Feldman
Sangita Annamalai
Yicheng Tang and poster


Participant List

Determining Somatic Mutation Rates in Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)
Audrey Ragsac, GPB
Faculty Mentor: Kevin O'Hara, ESPM

Use of Molecular Tweezers to Investigate the Effect of Applied Force on σ54 Core-Binding Domain
Katie Amberg-Johnson, MB
Faculty Mentor: David Wemmer, Dept of Chemistry

Acetylation of Cellulose Polymers in Plant Cell Walls
Yicheng Tang, MB
Faculty Mentor: Markus Pauly, Guangyan Xiong

Hormonal Regulation of Angiopoietnin-like 4 (Angpt14) Gene Transcription
Cecilia Ching, NST
Faculty Mentor: Jen Chywan Wally Wang

The Debate over GMO’s: What UC Berkeley Students Really Think
Elyssa Lewis
Faculty Mentor: Peggy Lemaux

An RNAi and Mutant Screen for Splicing Regulators of Drosophila para
Jessica Tang, MEB
Faculty Mentor: Mark Tanouye

Aging of Large Giant Sequoia
Ariel Thomson, FNR
Faculty Mentor: Kevin O’Hara

Characterizing the CBL-CIPK Network in Physcomitrella patens
Andrew Spencley, MB
Faculty Mentor: Peggy Lemaux

New Model C4 Plant: Setaria viridis
Sangita Annamalai, MEB
Faculty Mentor: Peggy Lemaux

Powdery mildew manipulation of core plant metabolism allows for enhanced growth of the pathogen
Chihiro Hirai, MB
Faculty Mentor: Mary WIldermuth

Analysis of the ATR1 effector protein from parasitic Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis
Edmond Li, MEB
Mentor: Adam Steinbrenner

The roles of redundant PBP1 proteins in Caulobacter crescentus cell wall biosynthesis
Jason Sreedhar, MB
Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Ryan

In Vivo Imaging of Brown Adipose Tissue Transplants
Karen Chan, NST
Faculty Mentor: Andreas Stahl