College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

SPUR Alumni

Brian Kim
Plant and Microbial Biology
Advisor: Professor Andy Jackson

Reflections: SPUR funds allowed us to initiate a new project to determine the virulence of the Norwich strain of barley stripe mosaic virus on the Bd3-1 ecotype, which is normally resistant to the ND18 strain. The Norwich strain appears to overcome a resistance gene that affects movement.

"I think if everything goes well, we'll be able to publish this work with Brian as a coauthor."

Professor Andy Jackson

Research: Brian Kim was involved in the analysis of plants infected with the Norwich strain. He assisted in symptom analysis, western blots, and virus purification. Brian learned how to conduct virus reverse genetics to determine disease phenotypes and how to carry out a number molecular biology assays. He shows potential of becoming an excellent scientist. Brian also was a student in Comparative Virology, a very rigorous cross listed course with ESPM, PMB and MCB and earned an A+ in the course.

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