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Stephens Lab, UC Berkeley

Dr. Stephens laboratory.  Includes abstracts of current research by Dr. Stephens, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, staff, and affiliates.


UC Forest Products Laboratory Fire Research

This is a site describing some major research in urban/wildland fire hazard mitigation being conducted at the Forest Products Lab. The Lab is associated with UC Berkeley and is in Richmond, CA.


National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Includes "bibliography" of wildland fire websites, searchable by subject.  Also has a list of downloadable files.


National Interagency Fire Center

Includes reports, management plans, yearly fire statistics, current fire activity and photos.


Tall Timbers Research Station

Includes extensive database of fire-related literature (papers, books, conferences, etc.)


Association for Fire Ecology

Includes monthly bulletins with events, news, occasional job postings, downloadable version of their newsletter.


Joint Fire Science Program

Lists currently funded projects, gives info on applying for grant money, etc.


Forest Service Fire and Aviation Page of Links

This page has links to tons of resources. If you want to know something about a fire issue, this is a good place to look.



An interactive web site giving information on reducing the risk of loss to fire in the wildland urban interface. 


International Association of Wildland Fire

Publishers of The International Journal of Wildland Fire and Wildfire Magazine as well as other publications. Includes a large library of wildland fire materials and an online bookstore. 


The International Fire Information Network

An on-line information service for everyone interested in rural and landscape fires. 


CSIRO Bushfire Behaviour and Management

One of biggest fire behavior and modeling projects in the world. The Bushfire Behaviour and Management Group has been responsible for the development of the Australian Fire Danger Rating Systems for both grasslands and forests. 


Fire Management Tools Online

Provide users with a vehicle to gain information about fire management related applications and access to documentation, visuals/graphics and executable software. 

Blodgett PIX

ESPM 181 May 01 2005 Field Trip Pictures


ESPM 181 at Russell Research Station Spring RX Exercise PIX


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