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IMPORTANT DATES for Spring 2011

First Class: January 18

Spring Break: March 21-25

Last Day of Instruction:  May 3

Final Exam: Wednesday, May 11 11:30-2:30 pm 

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Reading (See below for web readings and journal articles)

Jan 18

Introduction to wildland fire 

Lab: Introduction

Class notes, UC 1-9

Jan 20

Wildland fuels, crown fuels


Class notes, UC 38-43

Jan 25

Fire weather - fire terminology

Lab: Wildland Fuels Inventory:  Russell Experimental Station

Class notes, UC 43-46

Class notes, Russell Reservation

Jan 27

Fire behavior

Class notes, UC 46-51

Reading #1

Feb 1

Fire behavior / BEHAVE

Lab: BEHAVE  assignment 

Class notes, UC 51-56

Class notes, software

Feb 3

Prehistoric fire area, emissions - air quality 

Class notes, UC 481-489, 493-496

Reading #2

Feb 8

National Fire Danger Rating System

Fire suppresssion, standard fire orders  

Lab: Fire Family Plus - NFDRS

Class notes 


Class notes, software

Feb 10


Class notes, UC 454-456

Feb 15


Lab:  NEXUS modeling 

Class notes

Class notes, software

Feb 17

Fire regimes, pyrodiversity

Class notes, UC 58-73

Feb 22

Landscape treatments

Lab: FARSITE modeling


Class notes, software

Feb 24

Midterm #1 



Mar 1

Fire history methods

Lab: Fire history

Class notes

Class notes

Mar 3

Fire and flora 

Class notes, UC 94-115

Reading #3

Mar 8

Fire effects on flora and fauna


Lab: Fire history, continued

UC 118-124, 129-136 

Reading # 4


Mar  10

Fire in the Rocky Mtns and Southeast


Mar 15

Fire and aquatic ecosystems

Lab: Fire history continued

UC 136-141


Mar 17

Fire in Chaparral

Class notes, Reading #5

Mar 21-25

Spring Break


Mar 29

Midterm #2

Lab: Prepare for Rx Fire at Russell


Russell Reservation

March 31

Salvage harvest, carbon sequestration 

Readings #6 and #7


Apr 5

Soils, water, and watersheds

Post-fire mitigation methods

Class notes, UC 75-83

Reading #8

Apr 7

Native American fire uses - cultural resources

Class notes, UC 417-428

Apr 12

Prescribed fire techniques/fire surrogates

Class notes, UC 444-456

Reading #9

Apr 14

Fire and global climate change

UC 33-35, Reading #10

Apr 17

Field trip to UC Blodgett Forest, be behind Mulford at 8 AM

Apr 21

Fire hazards, forest resiliency, SSPM

Lab: Fire effects models, FOFEM

Class notes, Reading #11

Class notes

Apr 26


Fire policy

UC 431-441, Reading #12

Apr 28

Urban-wildland interface

Lab: Quiz on Biswell Book

Class notes, UC 438-441

May 3

Course review


May 11

Final Exam  11:30-2:30

Class Notes, UC 438-441


IF you are going to miss a lab, or a test, you must let your instructor know in advance.  It may not be possible to schedule make-up work, but we can talk about it.  If you miss an exam without first notifying the instructor it will not be

possiible to make it up and you receive a "0".  The final will be comprehensive.




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