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Wildland Fire,  Spring 2015


Dr Scott Stephens  


Sasha Berleman,  Anu Kramer,  Kristen Shive,  Carmen Tubbesing,  Kate Wilkin 

Research Staff

Danny Fry, Stacey Frederick   


Lindsay Chiono

Student Association for Fire Ecology        


Images: Upper Left: Compartment 400 broadcast burn (Kevin Krasnow).  Lower left: Driptorches on Compartment 340 (Meg Krawchuk).  Both are October 2009 re-burns of the original 2002 Joint Fire Sciences Programs Fire and Fire Surrogate Study prescription fires, Blodgett Forest Research Station, University of California Berkeley. 


Recent News

November 14, 2014
The Stephens lab visits All Power Labs in West Berkeley, getting excited about the prospect of gasification to help make fuels reduction biomass a more usable resource.

October 2, 2014
Listen to graduate student Kate Wilkin Thursday October 2nd on NPR affiliate Capital Public Radio at (Morning Edition at 630 and 830 AM, All Things Considered at 430 PM) as part of a five part series on Fire in California. Check out the multimedia series or read about Kate's adventure with an NPR reporter.

June 28, 2014
Kate Wilkin guided Capital Public Radio reporter, Amy Quinton, through Yosemite National Park's Illilouette Basin to discuss "where fire works" in California. They explored an area where lightning strike fires have been allowed to burn since the 1970s resulting in a restored forest with a rich fire history. The rich fire history demonstrates that once fires are allowed to burn, they are self-limiting. The fires start to fit together like a jig saw puzzle. The past fire prevents a future fire. After a decade or more, past fires no longer limit the extent of other fires, but they often moderate fire severity, or how many trees are killed. The restored forest has quilt-like patches of unique communities and range from open park like forests to shrub lands, dense baby trees, and wetlands all with diverse plants and animals on the forest floor. Learn more at

Photo credit: Stacey Frederick

June 4, 2014
Kate Wilkin and Anu Kramer, joined by Stella Cousins from the Battles lab, designed and manned interactive fire-related demonstrations at a NatureBridge Fundraising Gala in San Francisco.


April 12, 2014
Kate Wilkin and Anu Kramer, joined by Stella Cousins from the Battles lab and Sibyl Diver from the Carlson lab,  hosted numerous Native American students, family members, and community supporters during Cal Day 2014. Four interactive sessions focused on combustion and fire behavior (with the fire vortex), prescribed fire (with a dress-up station), and methods of studying fire, including dendrochronology (with real fire scars)! Read more here

March 8 - 22, 2014
Anu Kramer attended a prescribed fire training exchange at the Niobrara Valley Preserve near Norden, Nebraska.  During the 2 weeks, almost 3,200 acres were burned by over 100 participants including students from 6 universities, as well as representatives from state and federal agencies, local fire departments, nonprofits, and landowners. 
Ainsworth Star-Journal article Interview about the training



 La Grulla Meadow, Parque Natural Sierra de San Pedro Martir, Baja California, Mexico (Anu Kramer), Summer 2011.


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