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Summer 2015

Employment Opportunities in the Fire Science Lab 


Field crew lead and technician positions available for post-fire monitoring in the Sierra Nevada

We are hiring a crew lead and two field techs to re-measure established plots in the 2013 Rim Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest, as part of a study on the effects of salvage logging on plant communities, fuels and tree regeneration. Crew lead ($18/hour) must be a strong botanist and have vegetation sampling experience. Field experience preferred, but not required for crew member positions ($15/hour).

More information about the positions, including how to apply, can be found here.

 Thompson Laboratory
University of California, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
We are hiring summer field assistants to work on the project described below (Multiple Openings)

CLOSING DATE: April 1st, 2015 or until filled (we will continue accepting applications after the closing date as more positions may become available) 
PAY RANGE: $13-$16/hour 
DOE HOUSING: Camping equipment provided while at research site; employees will need to arrange their own housing in between field campaigns 
LENGTH OF POSITIONS: Employment period is from 8 to 16 consecutive weeks, between May, 2015, and September, 2015 (may vary) 
MORE INFORMATION: See full project description or contact project manager. 
TO APPLY: Please send a resume, cover letter, and 3 reference contacts to Gabrielle Boisrame

Graduate Studies in the Fire Science Lab

Students wishing to pursue advanced degrees (M.S. or Ph.D.) in fire science or fire ecology under the guidance of Dr. Stephens should take note of the following:

The Fire Science Lab is part of the Ecosystems Science Division of UC Berkeley's Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Department (ESPM).  The ESPM application process for new graduate students occurs during the fall semester prior to the year of entry.  Applications are typically due mid-December. For details about this process or to request an application, check the ESPM department website at: http://espm.berkeley.edu/gradprograms/index.html

An important element of a successful graduate school career is having a good working relationship with your advisor.  Students wishing to work with Dr. Stephens should make a concerted effort to contact and/or visit him prior to applying to his lab.  

Undergraduate Studies in Fire Ecology

Undergraduates at UCB interested in fire ecology or fire science are encouraged to enroll in courses offered by Dr. Stephens.  

High school, transfer, or reentry students applying for entry into UC Berkeley may wish to consider the ESPM Department's Forestry, Resource Management, or Conservation and Resource Studies majors, or the inter-college Environmental Sciences major.

The Fire Science Lab hires undergraduate technicians and field assistants part time during the academic year and full time during the summer.  This is a good opportunity to gain experience in fire and ecology research.  For more information, see the above description about employment.


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