Fieldwork on a foggy November morning

by Erica N. Spotswood

Mistle toe on a blue oak at Sierra Foothills REC. Photo Credit: Erica N. Spotswood

The weed thresholds team just returned from a visit to SFREC to check on our plots. In October, we established 360 plots to which we added seeds of four species. On our last trip, everything was dry and the weather was hot! What was most remarkable on this trip is how quickly the landscape was transformed. Just a month later, last year’s grass has nearly disappeared, and new grass and forbs are germinating everywhere! The seed addition worked, and we found establishing seedlings in many of our plots. The weather was wet and foggy, following a big storm that dumped four inches in 24 hours. The next few months of cool wet weather should give a good start to the winter annual species characteristic of California grasslands. I can’t wait to see how much recruitment we will see next spring!

Liana and Vish hiking out to our field sites. Photo Credit: Erica N. Spotswood