A Dinoponera australis forager, marked with dots of colored paint, leaves the nest to search for food.
Photo taken at Parque Nacional Iguazu, in Argentina, by Neil Tsutsui.

From left to right: Kate Mathis, Ellen van Wilgenburg, Virginia Emery, Rebecca Sandidge, Neil Tsutsui, Candice Torres, Brian Johnson, Dong-hwan Choe.

Current Lab Members


Neil D. Tsutsui, Professor
ntsutsui at berkeley dot edu 


Kaustubh Gokhale
kgokhale at berkeley dot edu 

Graduate Students

Rebecca Sandidge, Doctoral Candidate, Fulbright Scholar (Indonesia).
rlsandidge at berkeley dot edu.

Kaitlyn Mathis, Doctoral Candidate, NSF Graduate Research Fellow.
kamathis at berkeley dot edu.

Maria Tonione, Doctoral Candidate. 
riatoni at berkeley dot edu.

Kelsey Scheckel, Doctoral Student.
scheckek at berkeley dot edu.

Former Lab Members


Santiago Ramirez, Post-doctoral researcher. 
Currently Assistant Professor at UC-Davis. 
Ramirez Lab

Dong-Hwan Choe, Post-doctoral researcher. 
Currently Assistant Professor at UC-Riverside. 
Choe Lab 

 Brian Johnson, UC President's Post-doctoral Scholar. 
Currently Assistant Professor at UC-Davis.
Johnson lab 

Ellen van Wilgenburg, Post-doctoral researcher.
Currently Lecturer at Fordham University.
evanwilgenburg at fordham dot edu

Johanna Clemencet, Post-doctoral researcher.
Currently Assistant Professor at Universite' de La Reunion. 
johanna.clemencet at univ-reunion dot fr 

Miriam Brandt, Post-doctoral researcher.
Currently Scientific Coordinator at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Germany.
brandt at dot de 

Megan McPhee, Post-doctoral researcher.
Currently Assistant Professor at University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
mvmcphee at alaska dot edu 

Graduate Students

Virginia Emery, NSERC Scholar, Ph.D., 2014.
"The chemistry, recognition behaviors, and population genetics of Neotropical parabiotic ants"
Currently Research Scientist at SpringStar, Inc. 
Email: virginiajemery at gmail dot com 

Candice Torres, Ph.D., 2012.
"Chemical and molecular ecology of the North American slave-making ant Polyergus (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) and its closely related host (Formica spp.)"
Currently Biology Instructor at Tarrant County College, Ft. Worth, TX. 
Email: candicewt at gmail dot com