The Tsutsui Lab
  A Dinoponera australis forager, marked with dots of colored paint, leaves the nest to search for food.
Photo taken at Parque Nacional Iguazu, in Argentina, by Neil Tsutsui.

From left to right: Kate Mathis, Ellen van Wilgenburg, Virginia Emery, Rebecca Sandidge, Neil Tsutsui, Candice Torres, Brian Johnson, Dong-hwan Choe.

   Neil D. Tsutsui, Associate Professor, ntsutsui at berkeley dot edu 

 Santiago Ramirez, Post-doctoral researcher. sramirez77 at berkeley dot edu Link

 Dong-Hwan Choe, Post-doctoral researcher, dchoe003 at berkeley dot edu Link 

 Candice Torres, Doctoral Candidate, cwtorres at berkeley dot edu 

 Rebecca Sandidge, Doctoral Candidate, Fulbright Scholar (Indonesia), rlsandidge at berkeley dot edu.

 Virginia Emery, Doctoral Candidate, NSERC Scholar, vj dot emery at berkeley dot edu Link 

 Kaitlyn Mathis, Doctoral Candidate, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, kamathis at berkeley dot edu.

 Hamutahl Cohen, Undergraduate researcher.
 Elizabeth Lee, URAP Undergraduate researcher.
 Gabrielle Reiner, URAP Undergraduate researcher.
 Genevieve Ryan, Undergraduate researcher.
 Stephanie Kung, URAP Undergraduate researcher.
 David Villafuerte, Environmental Leadership Pathways Fellow.
 Melissa Steele-Ogus, Undergraduate researcher.

Former Lab Members

 Brian Johnson, UC President's Post-doctoral Scholar.
Currently Assistant Professor at University of California - Davis
brnjohnson at ucdavis dot edu

   Ellen van Wilgenburg, Post-doctoral researcher, ellenvw at berkeley dot edu

   Johanna Clemencet, Post-doctoral researcher
Currently Assistant Professor at Universite' de La Reunion. 
jclemenc at univ-reunion dot fr Link

   Miriam Brandt, Post-doctoral researcher
Currently Scientific Project Manager for Project Management Julich, Germany.
mi.brandt at fz-juelich dot de 

   Megan McPhee, Post-doctoral researcher
Currently Assistant Professor at University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
megan.mcphee at alaska dot edu 

 Judy Chung, URAP Undergraduate researcher 
 Anna Pieper, URAP Undergraduate researcher 
 Jon Tanaka, Undergraduate researcher 
 Celeste Sandoval, URAP Undergraduate researcher
 Grace Tang, URAP Undergraduate researcher
 Jennifer He, Undergraduate researcher
 David Hubbard, URAP Undergraduate researcher
 Demetrius Camarilla, Lab assistant
 Mario Mariotti, Undergraduate researcher
 Huy Le, Undergraduate researcher
 Elizabeth Chan, Undergraduate researcher
 Mikoyan Lagrima, Undergraduate researcher/Technician
 Richard Hsu, Undergraduate Researcher
 Andrew Hwang, Undergraduate Researcher

 Linda Moon, Undergraduate Researcher

 Luigi Chanco, Undergraduate Researcher

 James Tai, Lab Assistant

 Emily Curd, Lab manager/technician

 Christina Taraschewski, Undergraduate Researcher