UC Berkeley UPMC Project Outreach

Please Join us for Cal Day!

Bring live and "not so live" insects to the Bug Doctor for identification at Cal Day 2015.

Date: TBD in 2015

Time: TBD

Location: UC Berkeley Campus, Wellman Hall

CalDay Presentations

Traditionally, Cal Day is a campus-wide open house event held in mid-April. Members from the UPMC team participate in the “Bug Doctor” booth, and will identify and provide information on any insect brought in for examination. It’s a fun filled day and through the years hundreds of people have stopped by with insect samples or just to chat about bugs. Entomologists of all ages are invited to participate!

bug bingo

Bug Bingo!

indentifying with insect hat

Future entomologists identify termites while wearing insect balloon hats.

We have a winner!

Earn a prize for correctly identifying insects!

K-12 Classroom Training

Every year, UPMC team members participate in many K-12 student events including Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) with the School of Education at UC Berkeley, and Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) with Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA. UPMC team members also travel to many schools within the state to present on a wide variety of insect related themes. If you are interested in having us present at your school, please contact Robin Tabuchi for scheduling. Activities that generate the most excitement include bug races and handling live insects! We can also plan activities specific to your class. These training events illustrate our commitment to science education, public outreach, diversity, and the love of insects.

Kid's Corner

UPMC has developed a number of fun activities with insects for K-12 students. Some of which include raising mealworms, creating an insect collection, and having your own bug races. Also, check out the Insect Orders page for an extensive insect photo collection.