meredith fowlie



Published and accepted papers

Are the Non-Monetary Costs of Energy Efficiency Investments Large? Understanding Low Take-up of a Free Energy Efficiency Program, (with Michael Greenstone and Catherine Wolfram), forthcoming American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2015.

“An Economic Perspective on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan," with Lawrence Goulder and  Matthew Kotchen,(lead authors);  James Bushnell, Lucas Davis, Michael Greenstone, Charles Kolstad, Christopher Knittel, Robert Stavins, Michael Wara, and Frank Wolak. Science, 2014, Vol. 346 (November): 815-816.

Market-based Emissions Regulation and the Evolution of Market Structure (with Mar Reguant and Stephen Ryan). Accepted, Journal of Political Economy.


The Economics of Solar Electricity (with Erin Baker, Derek Lemoine, and Stanley Reynolds). Annual Review of Resource Economics, 2013, 5(1).

Distributing Pollution Rights in Cap-and-Trade Programs: Are Outcomes Independent of Allocation? (with Jeffrey Perloff). Review of Economics and Statistics. December 2013, 95(5).

What Do Emissions Markets Deliver and to Whom? Evidence from Southern California’s NOx Trading Program (with Stephen Holland and Erin Mansur). American Economic Review, 2012, 10(2).

Sacred Cars? Optimal Regulation of Stationary and Non-stationary Pollution Sources (with Christopher Knittel and Catherine Wolfram). American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2012, 4(1).

Emissions Trading, Electricity Industry Restructuring, and Investment in Pollution Control. American Economic Review, 2010, 100(3).

Incomplete Environmental Regulation, Imperfect Competition, and Emissions Leakage. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2009, 1(2).

Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency Revisited  (with Maximilian Auffhammer and Carl Blumstein). The Energy Journal, 2008, 29(3)

Public goods and private interests: Understanding non-residential demand for green power. (with  Edward Holt and Ryan Wiser). Energy Policy 29, 2001, (13).


Book chapters

Updating the Allocation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permits in a Federal Cap-and-Trade Program, in Don Fullerton and Catherine Wolfram, ed. The Design and Implementation of U.S. Climate Policy, University of Chicago Press. 2012.


Working papers

Market-based emissions regulation when damages vary across sources:
What are the gains from differentiation? (with Nicholas Muller). Under submission.

December 2013 working paper



Compliance by design: Industry response to efficiency standards(with Kate Whitefoot and Steven Skerlos).

March 2013 working paper



Allocating Emissions Permits in Cap-and-Trade Programs: Theory and Evidence


Work in progress

Location, location, location? What drives variation in the marginal bene ts of
renewable energy and demand-side effciency (with Duncan Callaway and Gavin McCormick)


Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver? Evidence from the Weatherization Assistance Program (with Michael Greenstone and Catherine Wolfram)


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