Comments about Julie Jedlicka’s teaching effectiveness from course evaluations:

“Overall I would have to say that Julie is the best TA I’ve had thus far. Not only does she clearly and effectively explain the material, but she also is able to help relate it to certain circumstances that are occurring now.” – Political Economy and the Environment, 2005

“Julie always seemed very enthusiastic about whatever tasks we had set out for the day, and she explained things simply but thoroughly. She was very encouraging of her students, fair, and made herself available in office hours and after lectures when people needed her help. The times I went to see her, she made things make a lot more sense – especially her explanation of histograms!! She makes math understandable, that’s amazing! And she expected high caliber work of us and made time and effort to show us how we could do that.” – Agroecology, 2006

“Julie was an excellent TA. She is really organized and well spoken and she thoroughly complemented all the material discussed in lecture. She was very helpful by answering questions and clarifying difficult topics. If anything I would have enjoyed more visual aids such as videos or power point to make discussions a little more colorful. Overall I think she would be an excellent professor because she had the talent needed to teach effectively” – Restoration Ecology, 2007

“My TA gave great feedback when she graded my paper, both positive and negative. The TA ran the lab well and was always prepared. She connected lab content to real life and made it interesting. In addition, she made it a pleasure to always come to class.” – Ecology and Society, 2008

“Julie has great enthusiasm in her teaching and it really makes learning with her enjoyable. Her knowledge and preparedness for section is unmatched and I really appreciated the outside knowledge and info she brought. Julie is very respectful of all students and really helped to the best of her ability. I hope to have another opportunity to work/learn with her.” – Sustainable Agriculture, 2009

“Very enthusiastic about subject matter, participates along with students – ask questions that help us think more analytically than we’d do w/o her comments.”- Environmental Studies Capstone, 2011