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2020 Commencement Celebration

While the college is unable to have its traditional commencement ceremony this May, we still are eager to celebrate our graduates. There was a live commencement address by Dean David Ackerly on Monday, May 18th at 12 pm. A recording is available below. Along with chats from the during the ceremony and additional messages of support from the faculty.


2020 Commencement Slideshow of Graduates

Messages from Alumni

We have continued to receive additional messages from members of the Rausser College Alumni Association. Learn more about the Association here and join their Linkedin network.

Student Speaker Address by Kristina Chan

Kristina Chan, our student commencement speaker, majored in Molecular Environmental Biology and minored in Bioengineering. She is graduating with honors and will be pursuing a Masters in Bioengineering this coming fall.

Message of Congratulations and Hope from Javier Arevalo

Javier Arevalo, President of the Rausser of College of Natural Resources alumni association, gives the following message of hope and congratulations to the class of 2020.


Awards and Citations

Kenneth L. Babcock Prize in the field of Environmental Science

Catherine Jung
Shirley Zhang

Departmental Citations

Annapurna Holtzapple - Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
David B. Coats - Agricultural Resource Economics
Julie Lake - Plant and Microbial Biology
Dan Luca - Nutritional Science & Toxicology

Major Citations

Skye Michel - Conservation & Resource Studies
Adam Taylor - Ecosystems Management & Forestry
Charlotte Favre - Environmental Science
Phillip de Lorimier - Molecular Environmental Biology
Annapurna Holtzapple - Society & Environment
Cameron Yuki - Genetics and Plant Biology
Julie Lake - Microbial Biology
Christian T. Fong - Environmental Economics & Policy
Jacqueline Liu - Nutritional Science & Toxicology - Dietetics
Austin Cahill - Nutritional Science & Toxicology - Physiology & Metabolism
Kathy Ding - Nutritional Science & Toxicology - Toxicology