Phoebe Parker-Shames

Phoebe Parker-Shames

Ph.D. Candidate
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Office: 210 Wellman



B.A. Colorado College, 2013 (Biology major, Ecology and Evolution track)



Research Interests

My research interests center around the ecology and consequences of land-use change. I’m broadly interested in taking a community ecology approach to the role of humans within an ecosystem, while also incorporating landscape ecology, animal movement and behavior, social methods, and other disciplines. I am particularly interested in interactions with large predators, and have a strong conservation focus to my work.

My dissertation project focuses on the ecological consequences of cannabis legalization in Southern Oregon and Northern California. I am taking a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding “cannabis landscapes” and their consequences for terrestrial wildlife. A major aim for this work is to help inform sustainable agricultural practices, provide data for management and policy decisions, and enhance local conservation.

Prior to joining the Brashares Lab, I worked as a research assistant for the Mara Hyena Project in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, and interned with an array of research projects both in the US and abroad. I graduated from Colorado College with a BA in Biology, on the Ecology and Evolution track.


Parker-Shames, P. & B. Rodriguez-Herrera. 2013. Maximum Weight Capacity of Leaves Used by Tent-Roosting Bats: Implications for Social Structure. Chiroptera Neotropical 19(3): 36-43.