Current Students


Letters of Recommendation Form: Please fill out the form (available here) for each letter of recommendation need and email me to make sure I see the form. If this is the letter of recommendation I am going to write for you, please email me first to discuss. Also please send me a reminder 2-3 days before the final deadline

Strategic Planning Template: Please complete this 5 year strategic planning template (available here) before annual check-in. Please complete and share this semester planning template at the beginning of the semester (available here)

Adviser/Advisee Agreement: This document outlines our collective responsibilities as advisor and advisees (available here)

ESPM Graduate Student Handbook – 2024 version (available here)

ERG Funding Wiki: A live document with various funding opportunities (available here)

ERG Social Climate Reporting Box (available here)

Guide to Reserving a Room in Giannini (available here)