Michael Appel, MB
Distinct Mechanisms Mediate Immune Protection in C. elegans Conferred by Two Soil Bacteria
CNR Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Ryan

Nathan Bickart, CRS
Managing the Weed-Shaped Hole: Enhancing Nitrogen Uptake at Strawberry Creek
CNR Faculty Mentor: Katharine Suding

Jessica Channick, MEB
Using in vivo Methods to Investigate Protein Interactions Between Factors Known to Regulate Ligule and Auricle Development in Zea mays
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sarah Hake

Michael Chung, NS-PM
Development and Cold-Induced Activation of Brown Adipose Tissue
CNR Faculty Mentor: Hei Sook Sul

Alyssa Cozzo, NS-PM
AGPS Shifts the Balance of the Cancer Lipidome to Allow Generation of Oncogenic Signaling Lipids
CNR Faculty Mentor: Daniel Nomura

Annie E. Davis, MEB
Toward the Function of a Secretin Homolog in Cell-Contact Dependent Predation in Myxococcus xanthus
CNR Faculty Mentor: Steven Lindow

Charlie Diamond, EEP
Climate Change and Integrated Flood Risk Management in the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta: Lessons from the Netherlands
CNR Faculty Mentor: David Zilberman

Ashley Ellis, CRS
Lepidoptera Visit, but Do Not Contribute to Pollination of Hybrid Sunflower (Helianthus annus)
CNR Faculty Mentor: Claire Kremen

Lawrence Fernandez, CRS
Resistance and Regeneration: Using Trait-Filtering Analysis to Select Species for Urban Creek Restoration
CNR Faculty Mentor: Katharine Suding

Amy Foo, CRS/English
Persistence for Annual Plants in Serpentine Grassland: A Seed Bank Study
CNR Faculty Mentor: Katharine Suding

Gabriel Fregoso, MEB
Understanding Workers' Perceptions of Education Materials About Occupational Lead Poisoning: Barriers for Implementing Safety Strategies
CNR Faculty Mentor: Neil Tsutsui

Mariah Gonzalez, CRS
Theorizing Alternative Food Systems in Age of Postcolonialism: The Case of Gentrification and Food Praxis in the Mission District of San Francisco
CNR Faculty Mentor: Alastair Iles

Katie Hoffman, SE/History
Climate Forward: Litigation, Divestment and the Vision for Climate Justice
CNR Faculty Mentor: David Winickoff

Marisa Hom, MT
The Role of Transcriptional Coregulator CCAR1 in Glucocorticoid-Regulated Gene Expression in Adipocytes
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jen-Chywan (Wally) Wang

Katherine Hunt, CRS
Microfinance's Viability in Sustaining Agricultural Livelihoods
CNR Faculty Mentor: Garrison Sposito

Ayane Itamura, MEB
Relationship Between Auditory Brain Stem Response and Gap Detection Behavior of Mice Affected by Noise Induced Hearing Lesion
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rosemary Gillespie

Megumi Ito, NS-PM
Enzymatic Synthesis of UDP-GalN Toward a Panel of UDP-GalNAc Analogues
CNR Faculty Mentor: Daniel Nomura

Sammy Kayed, CRS/SE
Phase Progression of Diurnal Oscillations in Streamflow and Transpiration During the Summer Dry Period: Observations from a Geologically Unstable and Densely Forested Watershed
CNR Faculty Mentor: Garrison Sposito

Rochelle Kelly, CRS
**Melis Medal Award Recipient, Outstanding Research Presentation
Assessing Bat Activity in North Coast Vineyards

CNR Faculty Mentor: Adina Merenlender

Chika Kondo, SE/Political Science
The People's Department vs. The Last Plantation: An Analysis of the USDA's History of Discriminatory Lending Practices Against Minority Farmers
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rachel Morello-Frosch

Ellen Yun Jeong Lee, MEB
Early Experience Alters Sensory Organization and Leads to Biased Perception
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rosemary Gillespie

Jeremy Lee, MB
**Melis Medal Award Recipient, Outstanding Research Presentation
Characterizing TMEM55b and its Regulation of the Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor

CNR Faculty Mentor: Arash Komeili

Christina Lin, NS-PM
The Role of CD36 in CoQ Uptake in Muscle During Exercise
CNR Faculty Mentor: Andreas Stahl

Paris Marler, MEB
Are Kenyan Fish Part Hippo: Stable Isotope Analysis of 'Labeo mzima' Vertebrae
CNR Faculty Mentor: Justin Brashares

Kelly McCarter, MEB
Protection of Cell Culture from Fungal Contamination by Amphotericin B Nanodisk
CNR Faculty Mentor: Robert Ryan

Jacob Moe-Lange, GPB
Root Growth Rates in Salt Stressed Arabidopsis thaliana Seedlings Parallel Observed Quantitative Changes in Root Redox Potentials
CNR Faculty Mentor: Lewis Feldman

Janice Oh, MEB
Host Choice and Consequences for a Pupal Parasitoid, Pediobius ni, on its Sexually Dimorphic Host, the Invasive Light Brown Apple Moth
CNR Faculty Mentor: Nick Mills

Mercede Ramjerdi, SE
Community-Based Salmon Conservation in the Lagunitas Watershed, Marin County: A Survey of Public Involvement
CNR Faculty Mentor: Peter Hopkinson

Lisa Rosenthal, MEB
Resupinate Fungi of North America: A Novel Group
CNR Faculty Mentor: Tom Bruns

Dominique Sirgy, CRS
The Struggle for Land is a Struggle for Survival
CNR Faculty Mentor: Ignacio Chapela

Fanglin Sun, EEP
Solar PV Policy In China: Challenges & Opportunities
CNR Faculty Mentor: Maximillian Auffhammer

Erlin Sweeney, CRS
Improving Ecological Literacy Through Food Systems Education
CNR Faculty Mentor: Gordon Frankie

Lindsay Walter, SE/Political Economy
UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties: The Value of Participation
CNR Faculty Mentor: David Winickoff

Allen Yu, NS-PM
In Vivo Imaging of Cardiac Fatty Acid Uptake
CNR Faculty Mentor: Andreas Stahl

Aya Abounasr, NS-P&M
"Regulation of Lipid Metabolism by Angiopoietin-like Proteins"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jen-Chywan Wang, NST

Mason French, EEP
"Re-Inventing the Windmill"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Brian Wright, ARE

Eric George, S&E, CRS
"Narrating a National Cultivar: NB-6 and Maize Resistance Breeding After 1970"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Ignacio Chapela, ESPM

Jannika Sjostrand Ilievska Kremer, S&E
"Implementation of EU Waste Recycling Regulation in the Republic of Macedonia"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jeff Romm, ESPM

Joycerine Lee, EEP
"Transmission Congestion Contracts in the New York Wholesale Power Market: 2000 to Present"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Meredith Fowlie, ARE

Elaina Marshalek, CRS
**Melis Medal Award Recipient, Outstanding Research Presentation
"Strategies for Species Conservation in Tropical Production Forest Landscapes"

CNR Faculty Mentor: Matthew Potts, ESPM

Rebecca Peters, S&E
"The NGOization of Water Provision: The Weakening of the State and the Rise of "Civil Society" in Cochabamba, Bolivia"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Nancy Peluso, ESPM

Cavelle, Jenna, CRS
A Political Ecology of the Citarum River Basin: Exploring Social Dimensions of 'Integrated Water Resources Management' in West Java, Indonesia
CNR Faculty Mentor: Nancy Lee Peluso

Chan, Elizabeth, EEP
The Short- and Long-Term Effects of Energy Savings Competition on Energy Savings Behavior
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Colwell, Kaela Margaret, EEP
Is it Still “Green”? The Impacts of Corporate Takeovers on Business Sustainability 
CNR Faculty Mentor: Brian Wright

Ereiqat, Farah, EEP
Causation or Correlation? An Empirical Study of High Line Park
CNR Faculty Mentors : Daniel Kammen

Guy, Jonathan, EEP
**Melis Medal Award Recipient, Outstanding Research Presentation
Disparities in Food Access among Districts in San Francisco

CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Heaslip, Meldan, S&E
Toward community wind in the City of Richmond, California 
CNR Faculty Mentor: Duncan Callaway

Karmi, Michal, CRS
In the Path of the Three Sisters: A Critical Study of Sustainable Food Systems in a Globalized World
CNR Faculty Mentor: Claudia Carr

Lewis, Elyssa, CRS
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Yes or No to GMOs: What Cal Students Really Think

CNR Faculty Mentor: Peggy Lemaux

Livingston, Corliss, EEP
Heterogeneous Outcomes of the UN Law of the Sea in the Pacific Region: The Effect of the EEZ on Fisheries Development
CNR Faculty Mentors: Alain de Janvry

Thomson, Ariel, FNR
Aging of Giant Sequoia in the Southern Sierra 
CNR Faculty Mentor: Robert York

Wang, Ke, EEP
Urban Housing in China: Patterns and Implications for the Social Landscape
CNR Faculty Mentor: David Zilberman

Vollering, Julien, MEB
Addition of Copper (II) Sulfate to SoilSstimulates Abiotic Production of Methyl Halides
CNR Faculty Mentor: Robert Rhew

Wong, Wesley, MB
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Identification of Potential Host Factors Needed for SOX-mediated mRNA Degradation

CNR Faculty Mentor: Britt Glaunsinger

Yang, Karen, NS-P&M
Mechanism of Angptl4-induced Lipolysis
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jen-Chywan Wang

Zeidler, Lauren, MEB
Historical Biogeography of Amazonian and Atlantic Forest Gladiator Frogs (Hypsiboas)
CNR Faculty Mentor: George Roderick

Zhang, Siming, MEB
Vine Mealybug Transmission of Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus-3 and Grapevine Virus A
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rodrogo Almeida

Yan, Stephanie, NS-P&M
The Mechanism of Hormonal Regulation of Angiopoietin-like 4 Gene Transcription 
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jen-Chywan Wang

Felker, Mary, S&E, CRS
Situating Carbon Forestry: REDD as Means of Dispossession 
CNR Faculty Mentor: Nancy Peluso

Amidi, Omid, MEB
Investigation of Edema Factor Unfolding and Stability through Alanine-Scanning Site-Directed Mutagenesis Using UVCD Spectroscopy
CNR Faculty Mentor: Richard Dodd

Amber-Johnson, Katie, MB
Use of Molecular Tweezers to Study the Effect of Applied Force on s54 Core-Binding Domain
CNR Faculty Mentor: Andy Jackson

Chan, Karen, NST
In Vivo Imaging of Brown Adipose Tissue Transplants
CNR Faculty Mentor: Andreas Stahl

Chanana, Anita Morena, MT
Pre-Clinical Study of Itraconazole Cream in Mice for the Chemotherapy of Basal Cell Carcinomas
CNR Faculty Mentors : Leonard Bjeldanes

Goncalves, Anna Ruth, MT
Methyl Cumarate, a Melanin Formation Inhibitor in Cultured Murine B16 Melanoma Cells
CNR Faculty Mentor: Isao Kubo

Iizulca, Yuki, MT
Role of 3,3'-Diindolylmethane in FOXP3 Regulation 
through Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Mediated Pathway 

CNR Faculty Mentor: Leonard Bjeldanes

Kao, Emily, MEB
Engineering Sorghum to Improve Digestibility
CNR Faculty Mentor: Peggy Lemaux

Lachenauer, Erica, MT
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Investigating Hair Loss in Hephaestin Knock Out Mice

CNR Faculty Mentor: Chris Vulpe

Lau, Lena, MEB
Characterization of an Essential Tyrosine Phosphatase in Caulobacter Crescentus
CNR Faculty Mentors: Kathleen Ryan

Libove, Eileen, MEB
Having Both Copies of Functional Ptch1 at the Time of Environmental Insult (ionizing radiation), with Subsequent Deactivation of Ptch1, Does Not Offer Protection from Basal Cell Carcinoma Carcinogenesis.
CNR Faculty Mentor: Neil Tsutsui

Liew, Qi, MEB
Does Variation in Nectar Production Affect the Floral Preferences of Native Bees?
CNR Faculty Mentor: Gordon Frankie

Lopez, Daniel, MEB
Linking Paleo- and Modern Species-Area Assessments As a Tool for Understanding Biodiversity Response to Global Change in the Western USA
CNR Faculty Mentor: Steve Lindow

Lowell, Natalie, MEB
Elevational Patterns in Leaf-associated Fungi Community Composition of the Highly Invasive Plant Miconia calvescens: Toward an Understanding of Proximal Mechanisms Affecting the Success of Biocontrol Efforts
CNR Faculty Mentor: Matteo Garbelotto

Maloney, Courtney Cyril, MEB
Searching for a Novel Type III Secretion System Effector Protein and Understanding the Regulation of Known Effectors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
CNR Faculty Mentor: Dennis Baldocchi

Moritsch, Monica , MEB
Drivers of anchialine biodiversity in remipedes and atyid shrimp 
CNR Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Carlson

Pan, Shawn, MT
Crosstalk between HER2- and Estrogen Receptor Alpha-Mediated Proliferative Pathways in BT-474 Breast Cancer Cells.
CNR Faculty Mentor: Chris Vulpe

Petriello, Annalise, MB
Assessing the Role of Globally Conserved Type III Effectors in the Cassava-Xam Pathosystem 
CNR Faculty Mentor: Brian Staskawicz

Salzman, Shayla , GPB
Temporal Gene Expression during Macrozamia lucida Thermogenesis 
CNR Faculty Mentor: Chelsea Specht

Teng, Crystal, MT
A Molecular Phylogeny of the Endemic Hawaiian Scatella (Diptera: Ephydridae)
CNR Faculty Mentor: Patrick O'Grady