Tyler Schartel and Emanuele Ranieri join the lab

The lab welcomes Tyler Schartel and Emanuele Ranieri!

Tyler is a UC Riverside postdoctoral researcher working with Matt Daugherty, but he is currently physically located in our lab. Tyler’s research focuses on quantifying the spatiotemporal dynamics of biological invasions. He is especially interested in integrating methods of species distribution modeling with understanding of invasion dynamics in order to predict invasive species distributions. Results of the work are intended to guide efforts to mitigate the ecological and economic impacts of invasive species, especially insect pests of agricultural systems.

Emanuele is with us for one semester to study Xylella fastidiosa-insect vector interactions. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the Università Politecnica Delle Marche under the supervision of Paola Riolo. Emanuele is interested in using various microscopy-based approaches to better understand bacterial colonization of the mouthparts of spittlebugs and leafhoppers.