The College’s top fundraising priorities reflect the pressing needs of our faculty and students. From student-led research projects to faculty initiatives, from scholarships to interdisciplinary collaborations, every gift makes a difference here at the College of Natural Resources.

Annual Giving

By bringing together gifts of all sizes from our entire community—students, alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff—the Berkeley Fund for Natural Resources provides valuable resources that enhance the student experience. Funds can be allocated to research travel grants, experiential learning opportunities, interdisciplinary initiatives, faculty recruitment and retention, educational technology, and more.

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Graduate Student Support

To continue to recruit the strongest candidates to CNR, we offer a range of funding packages to graduate students, but the high cost of living and offers from other universities often make accepting admission to our programs financially challenging for many prospective students. Gifts of all sizes can help us offer competitive funding for current and future graduate students.

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Students in the Cal Teaching Kitchen

Undergraduate Student Support

The College is renowned for offering students a small school experience within a large research university - a direct result of long-standing investments in the undergraduate experience and private philanthropic support.

Scholarship funds provide students of all backgrounds access to valuable resources and opportunities, while a variety of programs enhance the CNR undergraduate student experience. Over 50% of CNR undergraduates conduct research during their student tenure, and the Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) program is a pivotal part of the undergraduate research landscape. SPUR is 100% funded through private support, from alumni, students, parents, and community partners. Gifts to the Berkeley Fund for Natural Resources also help the Dean invest heavily in undergraduate advising at CNR, which has the highest student:advisor ration across campus.

Capital Projects

We are raising funds to make critical infrastructure renovations and technology upgrades, to improve its research and classroom facilities, and to preserve some of California’s most beautiful and historic academic buildings.

Current projects include:

  • Cal Teaching Kitchen
  • Tolman project: with Tolman Hall slated for demolition in 2019, CNR will be an active partner with the College of Chemistry, the College of Engineering, and other campus partners to envision a new building for the Tolman footprint.
Researchers in a lab

Cross-Campus Initiatives

We are proud to be an integral part of the number one public research university in the world. From working on climate change-related issues to studying agriculture and energy policy, to understanding the metabolic causes of human disease, CNR research is focused on societal issues.

Our interdisciplinary initiatives include: