Lab News

Science paper published in Feb. 2021 shows Mojave mammals not exposed to climate change while bird community collapsed over the past century, garnering extensive press.

Dr. John Clare recently received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and joined the lab in Feb. 2021 to work on the Grinnell Resurvey Project.

Postdoctoral researcher Eric Riddell is now Assistant Professor Eric Riddell of Iowa State University in the Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology.

Congrats to Dr. Kelly Iknayan who was hired as a research scientists by by the San Francisco Bay Estuary Institute.

New research on the resilience of wetlands and rails in coupled human-natural systems appears in Ecology and Society in 2021

Dr. Nathan Van Schmidt’s paper on the rescue effect in rail metapopulations appears in Ecology Letters in 2020

Congrats to Sarah MacLean for completing her Ph.D. entitled “A century of change in avifauna of California’s most transformed landscapes

Laurie Hall, Nathan van Schmidt and Steve validate dispersal distance estimated by occupancy models for Black Rails in the  Journal of Animal Ecology.

Nov. 2017 paper in PNAS uses Grinnell Resurvey data to show that California birds breed 9 days earlier than a century ago to keep up with climate warming.

Climate change refugia and habitat connectivity promote species persistence in Sierra meadows by Morelli et al. appears in Climate Change Responses

Kelly Iknayan and Sarah MacLean present at the inaugural AOS conference in Aug. 2017

Recent lab publications in Current Biology, Global Change Biology, Ecosphere, Ecology and Society,  Journal of Animal Ecology, and Journal of Applied Ecology

Morelli et al. was top 1% of downloads from over 22,000 articles published in PLoS ONE in 2016

Postdoctoral Researcher Eric Riddell joins lab fall 2017 to work on physiological-based models of geographic range with the Grinnell Resurvey

Steve sabbaticals  as a Fellow of the Wissenschaftkolleg zu Berlin (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)

Nathan van Schmidt’s  poster attracts media attention at the SCB meeting in Madison

Recent Lab publications in TREE, PloS One, Remote Sensing,  BioScience,  Condor, and Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Kelly Iknayan completes Grinnell resurveys throughout the Great Basin desert

Sean Peterson receives AOU Research Award grant

Steve elected as a AAAS Fellow (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Congrats to Dr, Laurie Hall for completing her Ph.D. entitled “Linked Landscapes: Metapopulation Connectivity of Secretive Wetland Birds” while teaching at Humboldt State University

Postdoctoral Research Andre Lima joins lab to research tropical bird life histories

Steve receives NSF grant to conduct next round of Grinnell Resurveys in California deserts

Ph.D. students Sean Peterson and Tierne Nickel join lab in fall 2015

Sarah MacLean initiates Grinnell Resurveys in the Central Valley

Postdoctoral Researcher Juan Li (Kate) from China joins lab to research influence of climate change on snow leopards

Laurie Hall’s Landscape Genetics toolbox review is published in Landscape Ecology.

Kelly Iknayan receives an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant to support Grinnell resurveys of desert birds

Brazilian student Joana Araujo is visiting the lab with Currasow data

Former visiting Brazilian Francisco Denes and Steve publish a review on estimating abundance of unmarked animals in Methods in Ecology & Evolution.

Henry Streby’s study of Golden-winged Warbler movement to avoid tornadoes in Current Biology makes big news!

Recent Lab publications in Global Change Biology, Landscape Ecology, and PeerJ

Sarah MacLean and Kelly Iknayan awarded 2014 NSF Graduate Fellowships

Steve Beissinger becomes President-Elect of the American Ornithologists’ Union

Recent lab publications include Iknayan, et al. 2014 on detecting diversity in TREE, Tarwater & Beissinger 2013 on opposing selection and optimal timing of parrotlet breeding in PNAS and Smith et al. 2013 on evaluating species distribution models using Grinnell resurvey sites in Ecography

Postdocs Karl Berg and Sean Maher win jobs as professors!

Prestigious fellowships awarded to Ph.D. students Sarah MacLean (Berkeley’s Chancellor’s), Soorim Song (Samsung), and Nathan van Schmidt (NSF).

Postdoc Henry receives 2013 Cooper Ornithological Society Young Professional Award (3rd consecutive year our lab has been so honored)

Former Postdoc Corey Tarwater awarded 2013 American Ornithologists’ Union Young Investigator Award

Kelly Iknayan joins the lab for Ph.D. studies supported by the Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology

Postdoc Karl Berg leading the 25th consecutive year of Green-rumped Parrotlet studies in Venezuela

Laurie Hall catches the 100th Foothills Black Rail for her study of dispersal and connectivity.

Lab alum Morgan Tingley receives the Young Professional Award of the Cooper Ornithological Society for his doctoral work on climate change,

the 2nd consecutive year a lab member was chosen (Karl Berg 2011)!

Recent lab publications in Ecology Letters on parrotlet dispersal, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London on climate-related decline of Beldings ground squirrel and

parrotlet vocal learning, Global Change Biology on avian elevational range shifts, and Ecological Applications on grazing impacts on rails.

Laurie Hall passes prelims with flying colors!

Nathan VanSchmidt’s paper on the effects of PDBEs on gonadal development in the northern leopard frog appears in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Congrats to lab alum Dr. Morgan Tingley for selection as a 2012 Smith Fellow!

Postdoc Karl Berg joins lab to continue parrotlet vocal studies

Postdoc Toni Lyn Morelli moves on to climate-change planning in Democratic Republic of Congo for International Office of U.S. Forest Service

Steve Beissinger is on sabbatical Spring semester 2012

New doctoral student Nathan Schmidt joins the lab

Steve Beissinger received the 2010 William Brewster Memorial Award of the American Ornithologists’ Union

Congrats to Dr. Morgan Tingely who completed his dissertation in May 2011 and began a postdoc at Princeton

Black Rail Project receives a second NSF grant to conduct mulitdisciplinary studies of the Sierra Foothills wetlands

Postdoc Corey Tarwater, and recent graduates Ben Risk and Jen Wang each had papers recently published in Ecology.

Recent lab papers appear in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Ecology, and Proceedings of the Royal Society of London

The Parrotlet Project is featured as a research profile in the 22 July 2011 issue of Science