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East End: 2017-09-13 10:05:53
Author: Daphne Szutu
Others: Elke Eichelmann, Sam Chamberlain

Summary: Main tower: swapped 7500, removed conductivity and HOBO/miniDOT sensors Boardwalk: sonic spikes faced downward Closed canopy: deployed HOBO/miniDOT sensor Open water: water level lower and less plant cover, sonic spikes faced downward

East End

It was sunny with some clouds and a light breeze. There was a small tent set up by the side of the road, between West Pond and the Closed Canopy Temporary Tower. We could tell there was a person inside, and there were two small, square electronic devices in front of the tent. We didn't see a vehicle.

Later, we drove by Juan. He explained that the person shouldn't be there, and they would take care of it. We should check in with him or Bryan before our next trip to the wetlands.

Temporary Tower 2 – Closed Canopy

We arrived at 9:55. It was sunny with a light breeze. The GPS location is: 38.106032, -121.641761.

There were no wasps in the charge controller box. The wash reservoir was still full, and the box was full of wasps so we left the box open.

Sam cleaned the EC sensors. I downloaded met and USB GHG data.

LI-7500 readings:
CO2 383.3
H2O 796.8
T 21.3
P 100.6
SS 90.3 --> 93 after cleaning

LI7700 readings:
CH4: 2.0
RSSI: 47.5 --> 73

We left at 10:05.

Sam came back to deploy the HOBO and miniDOT sensors around 11:45.

Permanent Tower

We arrived at 10:05. The cattails are still mostly green but browning at the tips.

The conductivity sensor values are flat; it is underwater and cleaned two weeks ago. I pulled the sensor sn 6494 and module sn 3585 and will test it in the lab.

I unscrewed and re-screwed the 7550 temperature sensor.

Elke refilled the wash water; it was mostly full. She cleaned the EC and radiation sensors.

We swapped the LI-7500. sn 75H-2150 came down, sn 0041 going up. I downloaded the complete LI-7550 configuration file, "sn2150_0397_EE-all_20170913.l7x". I uploaded a new configuration file with zero/span and calibration coefficient values for sn 0041 and updated the pressure coefficients. The LI-7550 software is version 8.0.0, and I did not update the software.

I downloaded met, camera, and USB GHG data. I also downloaded the miniDOT and HOBO data. I re-launched the HOBO sensor to clear the data.

LI-7500 readings:
CO2 391.5 --> 405.9 after swap
H2O 832 --> 766.6 after swap
T 23.0 --> 22.1 after swap
P 101.0 --> 101.6 after swap
SS 89.2 --> 97 after swap

LI7700 readings:
CH4: 1.90
RSSI: 37.2 --> 81.8 after cleaning

Sam collected pore water samples while Elke and I went to the Boardwalk tower. He came back later in the evening to finish sampling [Sam - more details].

We left at 11:00.

Temporary Tower 3 – Boardwalk

We arrived at 10:45. The reservoir was 1/2 full; Elke refilled it. There were some wasps so we left the box open. There were also wasps in the solar charge controller box. We put in a few mothballs and closed the box.

Elke cleaned the EC sensors and righted the sonic bird spikes. The spikes were hanging downward, but not quite in the path of the sonic. The sonic top is bloody.

I downloaded met and CR1000 GHG data.

LI-7500 readings:
CO2 14.2
H2O 919
T 24.9
P 100.9

LI7700 readings:
CH4: 2.1
RSSI: 35 -> 76 after cleaning

We left at 11:00.

Temporary Tower 1 – Open Water

We arrived at 11:10. It was sunny with a light wind. The water level was lower than two weeks ago and less of the water is covered with the moss-like aquatic plant.

I collected the met data and swapped the met battery. The wash reservoir was mostly full. Elke cleaned the EC sensors but could not reach the top 7700 mirror. Some sonic spikes were knocked over, but not in path's way.

LI-7500 readings:
CO2 377.3
H2O 814.7
T 22.8
P 101.4
SS 105 --> 109 after cleaning

LI7700 readings:
CH4: 1.9
RSSI: 52 --> 68

We left at 11:40.

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