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Mayberry: 2018-07-12 14:55:49
Author: Katrina Cone
Others: Daphne, Amy, Kuno

Summary: Regular data collection/cleaning, swapped miniDOT batteries, downloaded miniDOT data, cleaned flourometer, collected water samples, swapped water level sensor.


We arrived at 14:55. Weather was warm, sunny, and windy with little cloud coverage.

Water level was 50 cm.

Kuno cleaned flux and rad sensors.

Amy collected water samples for Isabel at 14:00 PST.

Kuno and I cleaned the fluorometer using DI water and a green srub sponge.

Amy cleaned solar panels and went into the water to get bubbles out of the fluorometer.

Daphne collected USB, cam, and met data. She also collected miniDOT data and swapped miniDOT desiccant and batteries with new-ish lithium AA batteries.

We swapped water level sensors, sn 70011236 went in and sn 70011229 came back to the lab. Before swapping, the water level measured was 0.6psi and after swapping was 0.5psi.

We left at 16:00.

CO2: 400ppm
H2O: 647ppm
T: 29.3C
P: 101.0kPa
SS: 103 --> 103 (after cleaning)

CH4: 1.92ppm
RSSI: 60ppm --> 50 (after cleaning once) --> 83 (after cleaning a second time)

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