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Tonzi: 2019-01-14 10:20:00
Author: Joe Verfaillie

Summary: Fixed Tower power, powered new FLIR cal panel, fixed Floor well, fixed/replaced HMP45 fans.


I arrive at about 10:20. It was mild and overcast with a little rain starting when I left about 2pm. There was rain on the drive both coming and going from the site. Ana and Wes were here yesterday setting up a new cal panel for the FLIR camera. During the visit they discovered the Tower did not have power.

The 60A fuse on the positive line between the batteries and the charge controller was burned. It looks like it shorted to something. Nothing else in the box seemed to be affected. I replace the fuse with a 30A DC breaker which has been on the to-do list for a long while. I also replaced the positive power cable from the breaker to the batteries as the old one was a little too short. I cleaned up some of the unused wires by pulling them outside the box. Everything seemed to come up just fine when the repairs were complete.

The LattePanda had lost its time and was reporting 2019-01-4 13:15. However FLIR images were collected until 2019-01-07 15:30. I reset its clock and checked the FLIR clock which was okay. Several images were collected before I left.

I put some bolts in the wooden frame over the batteries to shore up the sun shade.

At the new cal panel for the FLIR camera I mounted the data logger box to the back of the saw horse propping up the panel. I also ran a power line from the Floor solar system in PVC conduit to the CR10X sn ?? and removed the SLA battery.

I collected data from the old cal panel.

The Floor well had been reporting NAN for a couple weeks. It was not showing up on the CR200. I found some weak solder joints in the splice just inside the well pipe. I replaced the weak solder joints with a screw terminal and wrapped it all in a plastic bag. I think the long term solution is to put a junction box on the outside of the well pipe with a screw terminal in it.

The Floor HMP45 fan was dead. I cleaned the plates and put in a new fan.

The wire to the HMP45 fan at the tower top was broken. Both leads broken probably by flexing in the wind. I stripped wire and reconnected it.

The Global Water logger at the Road Well as not been working either. The pair of 9V batteries were reading 2V. I put on two new 9Vs (though one read 7V) and they immediately fell to about 2V. One lead from the unused solar panel might have been shorted with the power line to the sensor. I’ll need a better power source and the correct USB cable to further troubleshoot it next time.

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20190113TZ_NewFLIRCalPanel.jpg ( 2019-01-13 10:15:03 ) Full size: 1280x960
New cal panel for the FLIR camera made from concrete (wonder) board.

20190113TZ_WesAna.jpg ( 2019-01-13 12:45:02 ) Full size: 1280x960
Wes and Ana at Tonzi

20190114T_NewFLIRCalPanelTower.jpg ( 2019-01-14 12:17:45 ) Full size: 1440x1920
New cal panel for FLIR camera and Tower.

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Tonzi Z-cam data


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