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<--2018-05-23 11:00:00 | 2018-06-05 10:00:00-->

Tonzi: 2018-06-01 10:30:00 (DOY 152)
Author: Joe Verfaillie
Others: Ana, Miriam

Summary: Installed FLIR A325sc thermal camera, check phenocams


I arrived at about 10:30 with Ana and Miriam Johnston. It was clear, sunny and warm. The grasses are about dead and the flowers are beginning to fade. Miriam is here from Harvard to set up a thermal camera and that is the main task for today.

Ana found a small garter snake in the outhouse toilet. I was able to fish it out with a stick.

While Ana and Miriam looked around for a good spot to set up the thermal camera, I started to look at getting the Latte Panda running in the Tower computer box. I pulled out the Quatech 8-port serial box and some of the old cables. Power is still difficult. However Ana and Miriam got interested in a location near the Floor tower so I went over there to look at setting up a Latte Panda there.

They decided on a location near the Floor Well looking north at a pine and some oaks. I pulled the old computer out of the Floor computer box and ran a power line and Ethernet line to the camera location. I installed the Latte Panda but could not get the old screen to work. The portable USB-powered screen worked and I was able to set up the Panda to collect images every 10 minutes.

We also set up a black panel (painted plywood) on a post in the camera’s view and positioned an Apogee IRT sn 7385 in front of it recording to a CR10X sn 47772.

The camera is a FLIR A325sc sn 48013741. It uses an uncooled microbolometer detector and has a 320x240 image with a 2C accuracy. It is using a 10mm lens with a 45 degree field of view. Its sensitivity is 7.5 - 13.0 um with a Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD - kind of like contrast) of <50mK.

I was supposed to add DI water to the batteries but I forgot to bring it with me.

The Tower Phenocam had stopped collecting images again. I moved the 126 images off the card and reinserted the card. New cards are supposed to arrive next Monday.

Field Data

CO2 Profile Tanks

DateTankPressure (psi)ppm

No TZ Well data found

No TZ Moisture Point data found

No VR Moisture Point data found

No TZ grass heigth found

No VR grass heigth found

No TZ Tree DBH found

No water potential data found

No TZ Grass Biomass data found

No TZ OakLeaves Biomass data found

No TZ PineNeedles Biomass data found

3 photos found

20180601TZ_GarterSnake.jpg ( 2018-06-01 10:24:19 ) Full size: 1440x1920
Garter snake rescued from the portable toilet

20180601TZ_BlackPanelForFLIR.jpg ( 2018-06-01 16:59:16 ) Full size: 1920x1440
Black panel and IRT sensor for FLIR thermal camera calibration

20180601TZ_FLIRSetup.jpg ( 2018-06-01 17:00:39 ) Full size: 1920x1440
Miriam's FLIR thermal camera set up near the Floor Well looking north

Graphs display: days
16 sets found

No data found for TZ_Fenergy.
11 TZ_tmet graphs found

11 TZ_soilco2 graphs found

Can't check TZ_mixed
3 TZ_mixed graphs found

1 TZ_fflux graphs found

8 TZ_fmet graphs found

No data found for TZ_tram.
3 TZ_co2prof graphs found

1 TZ_irt graphs found

No data found for TZ_windprof.
1 TZ_tflux graphs found

2 TZ_sm graphs found

Can't check TZ_met
1 TZ_met graphs found

Can't check TZVR_mixed
2 TZVR_mixed graphs found

8 TZ_osu graphs found

No data found for TZ_fd.
Tonzi Z-cam data


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