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Site: Vaira (US-Var)

Ameriflux Site Info

Last field site visit: more fieldnotes

2023-09-19 12:15:00 Standard data collection, missed getting the phenocam photos, swapped the 7500 for calibration, Arduino RSB seemed okay - still running.

Equipment installed at the site: more details
Arable Weather Station Mark 3
Arable Weather Station Mark II
Biomet LED sensor LED-NDVI
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM16/32
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM25T
Campbell Sci. Data Logger CR1000
Campbell Sci. Data Logger CR10X
Campbell Sci. Water Level CS451
Campbell Sci. Soil Moisture Probe SoilVUE10
Decagon-METER Narrow Band SRS-Ni NDVI
Delta-T PAR Sensor BF3
Delta-T Soil Moisture Probe ML2x
Fabricated Battery Bank BB-Fab
Fabricated Kit calkit
Forerunner-Eosense Forced Diffusion eosFD
Gill Anemometer WM 1590
Hukseflux Heat Flux Plate HFP01
Kipp & Zonen Net Radiometer CNR1
Kipp & Zonen PAR Sensor PAR-LITE
Licor Gas Analyzer LI-7500A
Licor Interface LI-7550
StarDot Camera NULL
TE Technology Heat Flux Plate HP-127-1.0-1.3-71P
Texas Electronics Precipitation TR-525I-R1
Vaisala RH & Temp HMP45AC
Vaisala Barometer PTB101B

Data Streams:

VR_met Met data collected at Vaira
VR_mp Soil moisture data from the Vaira Moisture Point probes.
VR_flux Half hour averages of the 10Hz flux data.
VR_soilco2 Soil CO2 data collected from nine Vaisala CO2 probes in three profiles.
VR_soilmet Originally the soil sensors (TC, sm, SHF) were on a CR10x. 4-way radiometer and diffuse PAR were added later. All sensors were moved to CR23x on 2004-07-25
VR_pond Monitoring of the pond level.
VR_arable Hourly met data from an Arable Mark device. Raw is roughly 5min periods in UTC which is post processed to 30min data PST at end of averaging period. - stored in PST at end of averaging period.
VR_amp Processed data loaded from the Ameriflux submission files including gap filled and partitioned values
VR_fdwest Forced diffusion chamber near the west soil co2 profile
VR_fdnorth Forced Diffusion chamber installed near the north soil co2 profile
VR_fdeast Forced Diffusion chamber installed near the east soil co2 profile
VR_soilvue Data from SoilVUE soil moisture and temperature profile probes.
VR_phenocam Camera data as processed by the Phenocam Project - undated infrequently
VR_processed Data from the L1 processed data file
VR_processed3 Data from the L3 processed data file

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