Blodgett Forest
    Blodgett is another Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest roughly east of Auburn, CA. Six ECM hosts occur commonly on these sites: A. concolor, Pseudotsuga menziesii, P. lambertiana,  P. ponderosa,  Quercus kelloggii, and Lithocarpus densiflorus. In this forest I have adapted a "whole-forest" approach which takes into account the natural distributions of the hosts.

Publications from these studies

Izzo, A.D., P.G. Kennedy, and T.D. Bruns.  Point level distribution of ectomycorrhizal fine roots relative to the plant species composition aboveground.  (date currently being analyzed)

Izzo, A.D., Nguyen, D.T., Kennedy, P., and T.D. Bruns.  Ectomycorrhizal community response to thinning and prescribed burning in a Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest. (data currently being analyzed)

Images of Blodgett Forest

the edge of one of the compartments

A view into the overstory. This is a very diverse forest  as far as ectomycorrhizal hosts are concerned. In this picture you can see oak, pine, and fir.

Mycoheterotrophic plants such as Pterospora are plentiful in this forest and have received a lot of attention in the Bruns lab


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