International Conference on Mycorrhizae
August 4-9, 1996

The First International Conference on Mycorrhizae (ICOM) was held on the Berkeley campus of the University of California during the period of August 4th through 9th, 1996. Meetings and seminars covered all aspects of mycorrhizal research. Preconference workshops and field trips were offered during the period of July 31st through August 3rd, of 1996. The meeting was a resounding success.

ICOM 2, the Second International Conference on Mycorrhizae, was held in Uppsala, Sweden, on July 5-10, 1998. ICOM 3, the Third International Conference on Mycorrhizae, was held in Adelaide, Australia on July 8-13, 2001.

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    ICOM 1 attempted to provide a forum for presenting current work in all areas of mycorrhizal research, and for bridging gaps between the typically segregated subdisciplines or competing methodologies. The program was arranged to accomplish this goal in the following ways:
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    top Preconference Workshops

    Several optional preconference workshops were held during the period of July 31st throught August 3rd of 1996.
    top Midconference Field Trips

    A day off was provided on Wednesday August 7th to allow participants to enjoy some of the many sights in the region and to recuperate from the long hours of talks and posters. The proximity of San Francisco and the ease of public transportation made self-guided city tours an easy and inexpensive option. However, the following organized trips were offered for those who wanted to see more of the city or some of the non-city sights in the area.
    top Postconference Trip

    One optional postconference fieldtrip to Yosemite National park was offered.
    ICOM Mailing Address and Program Committee
    Snail mail can be addressed to: Program committee members:
    • ICOM
    • c/o Tom Bruns
    • 111 Koshland Hall
    • Department of Plant and Microbial Biology
    • University of California
    • Berkeley California 94720-3102
    • USA
    • FAX 510-642-4995
    • email: pogon@berkeley.edu

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